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Gengetone now becoming a nuisance to many Kenyans

January 17, 2020 at 15:20
Boondocks Gang and Sailors Gang

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Gengetone gave the entire Kenyan audience an opportunity to come back home and listen to Kenyan music in late 2018 and whole of 2019.

With small boy groups emerging almost simultaneously. They dropped what some felt was “too dirty” or raunchy for them. The shame crept in till it became a norm!!

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They stirred a series of mixed reactions from Kenyans with a bunch of them like Sailors Gang, Boondocks gang, Ochungulo Family among others receiving accolades.

Well, as time went by, despite the cry to silence them they managed to curve their way to the hearts of a bunch of Kenyans that have been dancing to their tunes.

Furthermore, the groups have been lashed at in terms of content. Many would say that they thrive on vulgarity and nudity -which to some extent is true.

God’s Gengetone??

While we are still preparing for the Sunday service gengetone crept its way to the gospel industry when Sailors Gang gave us “Jesu Ni Mwathani”.

Well, we danced to that but with little whispers on how we are familiarising ourselves to God as though He is our mate.

When we thought that was the end then came to another Akorino group with another song about God dubbed “Piga Darama”

I mean don’t get it twisted am not judging a way of worshipping or praising but imagine “Piga darama” in the list of praise songs during a church service. Yes, your guess is just like mine, impossible!!!

Point is, this kupelekwa na rieng thing has now taken things to another level where we are now accepting nonsense. Sheddy empire messed it up further by doing a song in diapers something that many thought was going overboard all in the name of making music.

Gengetone nuisance

Gengetone producers are working hard every day to segment its audience within a particular geographical space of this country.

Despite the hullabaloo of accepting them we need to acknowledge the fact that they are now becoming a nuisance. Why? For publicity gain.

But for the sake of sanity and talent growth, there needs to be a control system on how this gengetone music should be done!!

Because God is to be respected there is no in-between and creativity doesn’t need you to sing about “mapunyeto” to gain an audience.

If you doubt, ask Khalighraph  Jones, he is the best rapper in Nigeria!!!! Ok am out!

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