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George Ikua celebrates his 10th wedding anniversary to his late wife, Janet Ikua

March 09, 2018 at 09:04
George Ikua celebrates his 10th wedding anniversary to his late wife, Janet Ikua

George Ikua is still slowly learning to accept that his wife Janet Ikua is no more. It has since been 11 months since she passed on but he is proving to be quite strong for their 2 kids.

Just the other day, he celebrated 10 years of his marriage to his late wife despite her not being there to mark the special day with him.

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The two got married on March 7th 2008 and This being a year that they would have turned 10 years together; George Ikua could not hold back from remembering his wife in the best possible way.

In his post, George Ikua encouraged couples to love and explore together as everyone is capable of becoming a widow or widower at any given time. He went on to advice them saying;

Create memories, travel by bus, cook her dinner, plant a tree, sing karaoke, walk in the sunset..whatever it is, this is all you will be left with when its all said and done.

He went on to add saying;

As casually as we say in sickness and in health a time a day is coming when you have to be their anchor when their body is broken.

Janet Ikua loses her battle against cancer

The late media personality passed died on 1st April after battling with cancer for years.

She was a true hero who inspired many and till date her legacy is still remembered by her fans!





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