“Get your own!” Fans tell Willy Paul after posing with this cute baby

December 07, 2017 at 09:31
"Get your own!" Fans tell Willy Paul after posing with this cute baby

Willy Paul must be having the baby fever. I mean the likes of Bahati already have families but Willy Paul is still searching for the perfect woman to settle down with.

In the past years, Willy Paul made headlines thanks to his gorgeous girlfriends but as the story goes, things never worked out for him.

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His rival Bahati on the other hand surprised many after introducing his 2 year old daughter. This came  at a time when most of his fans thought that he was not involved with any woman.

Anyway, this year (2017) the young sister married the love of his life and word has it that they have a baby on the way.

Back to Willy Paul

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It has been a while since the singer introduced a girl as his official lady but one thing is for sure – Willy Paul wants to settle down.

i love babies!!!!

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His latest baby stunt has left his fans asking him to get himself at least one child like his age mates.


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