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“Get rid of that Val” Kenyans in protest of Diana’s sister as Bahati’s new PA. This is why

October 09, 2019 at 10:25
"Get rid of that Val" Kenyans in protest of Diana's sister as Bahati's new PA. This is why

All everyone wants is to see their family in a better place and more so, when you make it in life and are channeling in a bit more money.

We don’t need to look far because Bahati’s Kingdom is a very good example of the same. So after cheating allegations between Bahati and his former PA, Emmah, he needed a replacement.

Guess who they settled for? Diana Marua’s sister, Val. So new to her job, Bahati sought to introduce her to her job description as well as fellow artistes in his EMB studios.

Bahati’s new PA, Val


Fine, they troop to the place and Weezdom is in vicinity. Addressing Weezdom and Blessing, Bahati states:

Val is officially taking over from Emmah as my PA. Being her first day here, I would like to make a few changes. From today she will be assisting your manager, she will be acting as your immediate PA.

Unfortunately, these were not birds of a feather that the EMB CEO was addressing. Weezdom and Emmah each had personal issues against each other.

Bahati, his new PA, Val with WCB artistes, Blessing and Weezdom

So Diana’s sister quickly jumped in:

Weezdom issa no! If you’re trying to get rid of me No! I can’t work with Weezdom.


Haka ni kafisi! He has been sliding in my DM. I even have screenshots. Pretender…

But Weezdom has some reputation to guard, interjecting:

When did I ever slide in your DM? I know myself and I am handsome or do I look like DJ Shiti?

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Further distancing himself from the allegations shot his way, insisting:

Uko na kiherehere mingi sana. Sijawahi kukatia. Mbona nikukatie? Of Course I’m single and searching but I can’t thirst over you.

So now it became a war of words between the two, leaving Blessing and Bahati in awe.

Val decided this would not go down without a fight and rubbished:

Ati handsome boy. Buda, mwanaume ni akili.

Diana Marua’s sister, Val

Before questioning:

Niko na kiherehere we umejiona kwanza?


A string of events that sparked mixed reactions from Kenyans, commenting:

Today’s show is over-exaggerated.


Stop working with family.


How is that PA talking to Bahati like she’s employed him instead of the other way round


Don’t bring your family members into your business


Dismiss that PA she is not a professional, get someone who respects you as Bahati the boss, even if you’re a friendly person she is talking you for granted.


Valerie is boring. Bahati You’re a man enough to decide things


Ati PA? you act like you own EMB. I can’t waste my time watching this she’s so annoying.


WTF get rid of that val, she’s so loud for nothing and disrespectful,Baha mnachoma manze


If this how “reality shows”are then this one I #resist!


😂😂😂😂😂Valarie enda home ulale….yoh acting skills are too exaggerated…






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