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Ghetto anthem artists are like ‘Small Kiosks’

July 23, 2019 at 00:14
Ethic ghetto anthem musicians

Ghetto anthem artists are like ‘Small Kiosks’. It is a time when new age music is really taking over the Kenyan music industry. This is the kind of music that we refer to as ghetto anthems. We are a time where content does not matter. Everybody is singing about sex, drugs, women and twerking.

Ochungulo family ghetto anthem

To start with, today everybody is forming a group in their hood and before we even know it they have a song. It is said that music is an art and it goes hand in hand with talents.

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We have producers who have really tried to promote our musicians and it is a good thing. We are only lacking honesty to tell people that what they are singing is trash. First, we need to ask ourselves which direction our music should go.

Why are they Like small kiosks?

To start with we all know what kiosks are. This are small structures either in an estate or at the side of the road. They are so many that they have to compete for customers. In the same ghetto anthem artists can only be compared to kiosks. Why? Today we have more than 10 groups all singing in the same style.

Rico Gang; Ghetto anthem

With this I call them kiosks because we are tasked to choose where we should buy or invest our energy. I mean look at all this people

Ethic Entertainment

Rico Gang

Boondocks Gang

Ochungulo Family


Zzero Sufuri and so many others.

There is a question that all these groups need to ask themselves. What makes them unique from the other group? If they cannot answer this then they are as good as dead.  Common sense dictates that they will be out of the market even before they know it.

You know that music is a competition. We as the fans are the judges in this case and all we will have to do is say may the best team win.

Even the shops when the consumers are tired and not interested in whatever is being sold they shift making the other shop to close. In the near future we will be forced to listen to only one group.

Why so?

If all this group stick with the same style then we will have to chose from others. They only need to restructure their music before their target audience is tired. I will pose these question here, Who do you think will carry the day in this ghetto anthems in future?

Be the judge. Do not argue with me on this because you’ll later come to confirm this when maybe only Ethic or Sailors or Ochungulo will take the day. Am not a prophet or a judge but truth be told.

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