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Gigy Money promises to have a baby with Zari’s eldest son after the boss lady insulted her

September 06, 2018 at 15:37
Gigy Money promises to have a baby with Zari's eldest son after the boss lady insulted her

Gigy Money who is a former video vixen turned rapper is not one of those chicks you play with. For years she has branded herself as bad b!*ch and she is not afraid of having the media talk about her.

Before changing bet career the lady made appearances in most of Wasafi records videos; hence the sudden rise in the entertainment industry.

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Anyway she is now a rapper who has been releasing some entertaining music for her fans. During a recent gig with Diamond Platnumz a fan happened to compare her with Zari Hassan; however Zari was not having it judging from the response she gave.

Gigy Money out to revenge

Well, happens that Gigy learnt about Zari’s reaction which left her bitter. In several different interviews, the rapper is heard warning Zari not to joke with.

In the latest interview Gigy reveals her ultimate plan to teach Zari not to talk badly about people. She confesses that in a few years she will look for Zari’s eldest son and have a child with him. She said,

Nitasema hivi, whatever it is yeye ni mwanamke mimi ni mwanamke. Japo mimi ni mwanamke nina mtoto mmoja yeye ana watoto zaidi ya watatu kwa hivyo ni mtu mzima ambaye anajitambua na anajielewa. Narudia tena Zari wewe ni inspiration na a lot of people wanatamani kuwa kama wewe mimi mwenyewe nilikuwa mmoja wao but not anymore coz umeshanikashifu tayari. Ila ulichokosea kwamba huwezi kumjibu mtu ambaye ana thoughts zake. Mimi nachokuahidi kitu kimoja, lazima nizae na mtoto wako wa kwanza alafu wewe utakuwa bibi wa mwanangu ndio utaniheshimu kama alivyofanya China. Atakuwa mama mkwe wangu na hatoamini.


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  1. ? Zari should apologize before it’s too late,Gigy isn’t playing around.

  2. What madness! i will be waiting to see this day

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