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This is why the Githeri man has been looking for Huddah Monroe

August 30, 2017 at 10:51
Githeri man

After gaining both fame and wealth, the Githeri man has now been rolling with celebrities in the country…and his social media pages continue to get more followers each day.

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If you remember a while back Huddah was among the first people to ask fans to help find the Githeri man but after he was found, she actually never did anything about it!

However the person handling the real Githeri man account Instagram page recently left a comment under Huddah’s post seeking to find out whether she has any cosmetics for men.

Well, if you understand how these celebrities work then you will understand why the Githeri man commented under the popular socialites photo. Anyway, hopefully Huddah will take notice and finally meet the fella!

The real githeri man comment




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