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”Give Me My Flowers When I’m Still Alive” Yvonne Okwara

February 11, 2021 at 12:31
''Give Me My Flowers When I'm Still Alive'' Yvonne Okwara

Flowers are not only meant to be gifted on Valentines day and the time of someone’s burial. Most people will tend to buy you a bouquet of flowers on your burial day as a sign of a good send off. However, Yvonne Okwara reveals that this should not be the case.

The media personality has lost her loved ones over the past two years. She reveals that losing them has taught her a lesson; embrace them and love them when you still can. On her Instagram page, the 37 year old wrote,

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”Give me my flowers when I’m still alive.

Biggest lesson learned after losing loved ones over the last 2 years. Give them flowers when they are alive. Tell them you love them, as in utter the words themselves, “I love you” when you still can, spend time with them, call them often, visit them as often as you can, call them, send them text messages, embrace them and truly and deeply love them.
D***h is final, but before that, let us truly live….and LOVE!”

Okwara’s older brother, Albert Okwara d**d in 2018 aged 50. He was suffering from German m*****s, a d*****e that results in mental retardation, blindness and deafness.

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Additionally, the journalist’s career in journalism started with her hosting KBC’s children variety show. She became more experienced and new opportunities came her way. In 2008, she joined QFM as a radio talk show producer and also had the opportunity to do a voice over for NTV’s business show Money Matters.

Some good advice from Okwara to heed; show love to people when they are still alive.




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