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Gone too soon? After claiming Mr M is ´dead´, Zari ditches her wedding ring

November 08, 2019 at 09:05
Gone too soon? After claiming Mr M is ´dead´, Zari ditches her wedding ring

Zari Hassan is definitely a hard nut to crack. In fact, she is puzzling.

She apparently found a guy with a heavy South African accent, dated for a while, then got married. So now, we are here trying to figure out why she decided to call Mr M ´dead´ and take her ring off.

It has been a while since she received a bouquet of flowers, or opulent gifts, or even just a lunch out. The two even hardly take photos together anymore.

Then recently she screamed how ´broke´ she has become because of her new home.

It´s tedious to even try figure out all these things. So now, her marriage ring is no more.

Whether she trashed it, or she decided to sell it off in exchange for her huge expenses, we don´t know.

All in all, seems like her swanky custom-made wedding ring has been replaced by another.

This is basing on her recent social media updates where she flaunts an oval-shaped stone ring unlike her previous square-shaped stone wedding ring.

Zari Hassan replaces original wedding ring for another

What happened to her wedding band? A marriage gone sour even before it started?

Over and over again, she has not shied off from introducing the world to her new diamond sparkling piece.

Sometimes, she even doesn´t have any ring at all.





  1. Mr. M /King Bae never existed,I called it long ago.She can’t keep up with the lies any more,alitaka Diamond asikie kiwaru,lakini wapi!😂😂

  2. Zari is of good personality and works extremely hard to care for her beautiful family. She deserves the best and God will give her a good man of her class. Diamond moved on and that’s life. All the best Zari and keep up.

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