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Gospel music duo Wafalme International rises again like a Phoenix to bring back excitement to the gospel industry!

May 02, 2020 at 00:21
Gospel music duo Wafalme International rises again like a Phoenix to bring back excitement to the gospel industry!

If one takes a keen look at the gospel music scene in Kenya, one finds astonishing statistics. With the exception of a few seasoned gospel artists, newbies in the genre are finding it hard to keep up. You needn’t be a rocket scientist to figure out what goes wrong, why the loss of steam midflight. Ingrained moral fortitude is a huge factor for chances of a long career in gospel.

Kenya, for instance, currently doesn’t have any ‘off-the-tongue’ gospel group, duets, or, trios. Perhaps, a smattering of church sponsored choirs.

Luckily, though, an established gospel outfit re-known as Wafalme International (Int’l) has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix to improve the grim statistics.

Georgez, one half of the dynamic Wafalme Int'l. (File image)

Georgez, one half of the dynamic Wafalme Int’l. (File image)

Wafalme Int’l is a gospel music outfit formed up by deeply talented and gifted duo – George Mutua aka Georgez and Paul Bolo aka PMB – both with roots in Likoni – a sprawling settlement on the Kenyan coastline. The duo, like most gospel artist trace humble beginnings in community churches and a lifelong friendship gets the credit for their flawless chemistry.

Georgez, one half of Wafalme Int’l, has studied music at National Youth Talent Academy (NYTA), in Kenya, and honed his skills leading praise and worship in Likoni churches. Paul (PMB), on his end, grew up in a musical family – all of whom featured in an established church choir in the Kenya Navy barracks church, Mombasa. It’s in such circles that the pair met in 2009, and formed an amateur outfit – ‘Gospel Spreaders’.

The name ‘Gospel Spreaders’ has since transformed to Wafalme Int’l.

PMB, the other half of Wafalme Int'l. (File image)

PMB, the other half of Wafalme Int’l. (File image)

Just so you know, Wafalme Int’l won the Best Gospel Group Award 2012 founded by the Insyder Magazine. Then, also clinched the Gospel Group of the Year Award 2013, at Coast Music Awards. It’s no mean feat.

The duo have made a rebound to the scene with a string of awesome gospel releases – Yes, Yahweh Nawe (Ombi Langu), Chipuka ft. Elly Thomas and the superb Najua Bwana ft. Elly Thomas.

Stay tuned on upcoming shows, events and tours by joining Wafalme International email list or follow them on: Facebook – Wafalme Int’l, Twitter – @Lwafalme Int’l and Instagram – @officialwafalmeInt’l. Subscribe to their Youtube channel – Official Wafalme Int’l.

This is one of Wafalme Int’l’s most iconic releases – Najua Bwana, featuring Elly Thomas. Check it out:





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  2. Great video and sound quality. The duo has superb chemistry and melody too..I agree ”king/wafalme”
    in practice..awesome message too, Christ never fails..

  3. This gospel group is coming through so well with great vibes….checked their latest project is so dope

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