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Gospel singer, Bahati publicly slams wife on popular ´Being Bahati´ show

April 02, 2019 at 11:04
Gospel singer, Bahati publicly slams wife on popular ´Being Bahati´ show

´Being Bahati´ Reality TV show has publicly aroused scandals in the singer´s nuclear family without stop.

On the recently aired ´Being Bahati´ episode, Diana Marua pops up news that she will be travelling to Italy.

This comes in without Bahati´s knowledge.

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Celebrated gospel singer, Bahati

Bahati finds this quite disrespectful, based on the fact that, it is dinner time and guests are present, then all of a sudden, Surprise!

Immediately the quests leave, this is the artist´s reaction to his wife:

Nielezee kama mimi ni bwanako ama kakako

Gospel singer, Bahati with wife, Diana Marua

For one, if anything, we at least expect the couple to sort out their personal issues behind the cameras without having us get involved.

Unfortunately, it seems marriage doesn´t have commandments or rules and regulations, so things happen, out of the blues.

And this move by Diana Marua is nothing short of that.

The audience should at least seem surprised, but not one of these two.

Question is, how will the daughter be left without a mother, just because she wants to savor this trip abroad, to one of her relatives.

Bahati´wife, Diana Marua with their 1 year old daughter, Heaven Bahati

What is ringing in Bahati´s mind is how a 1 year old will be left at home, while the mother is out on pastime?

Something is not cooking right in the kitchen!

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  1. Hatari

  2. Haiya

  3. Bahati ndio unawachwa sasa, usijali leta mtoi nikulelee ,wacha stress

  4. Esther Wanjiru : April 3, 2019 at 11:58 am

    Seriously how can you leave a one year old innocent baby because if such shenanigans???wangu ata kwa dawa i can’t. Think twice Diana Maria really????

  5. Honestly this is just for content.we know it’s a gospel show and they are trying to emulate the every day life of normal people and this is one of them. Something about communication between partners,how to handle it blah blah blah…all this is staged and people should stop investing feelings in this. There is no way bahati did not know

  6. Be serious Diana marua

  7. You two are boring

  8. 31 year old behaving 13

  9. Stephen Marende : April 6, 2019 at 7:57 pm

    I like Bahati for being too natural. The show portrays what life for young couple would look like, more so, being with a celeb. I like when he said ‘beb, come tuonane’. I have borrowed it and use it with my wife who also seemed to enjoy it. Kudos Baha

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