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Governor Joho´s barber on the spot over mediocre haircut

July 11, 2019 at 08:23
Governor Joho´s barber on the spot over mediocre haircut

Governor 001, Ali Hassan Joho, never misses out on his taste of fashion, his haircut as well as full grown beard.

However, his barber might have missed this time round after a camera captured the back of his head, parading an ´unfinished´ haircut.

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On Tuesday, while taking President Uhuru around his Mombasa County, Kenyans could not help but notice the island popping from a sea of hair.

It has always been his forehead that we have occasionally been exposed to, hardly the back of his head but we did not expect it to be this bad.

In pictures that have since gone viral on social media, Joho´s back head is unfamiliar to us.

Apparently, in a recent interview with Citizen TV´s, Willy M Tuva, the governor once paid his barber, George Dufanda, $100 (a whooping Ksh 10,000) just for a shave.

The barber

The popular county Governor seeks services from a top Congolese barber, George Dafunda who gives him a state of the art haircut.

The Congolese national has previously revealed that the Governor does pay him well for a haircut.

Revealing that whenever Joho requires a shave, his assistants usually contact him then he goes to his Nairobi house to get his trademark perfectly done.


Hii style ya Joho itaanza kutrend. New hair style in town alert.


Oyaaa. Mombasa has many ladies, the Sultan forgot his hair at the beach he has no time to remember


I see why Joho has always been in the kofia battalion😂😂😂😂


People are not being fair to Gov joho even on hair cuts😂


The governor of both islands


Kipara ya pesa hii.. Leave my Governor alone


Joho alikuwa ananyolewa stima ikapotea. This happened to me thrice during my childhood days haha


Whats happening with Joho’s hair😢😱


Behind the scenes of Joho’s haircut.


Are Mombasa barbershops on a go slow.


Kwani Joho alikuwa kinyozi akaambiwa “Uhuru amefika” akatoka tu

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