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Governor Joyce Laboso’s gay son causes a stir as photo of him rocking a dress surfaces

January 18, 2018 at 15:18
Governor Joyce Laboso's gay son causes a stir as photo of him rocking a dress surfaces

The son of Bomet governor Joyce Laboso is enjoying living the gay lifestyle in Australia. Photo of the governor’s son dressed in female clothes has surfaced online.

Bryan Ochieng Kibet is wagging on people’s tongues thanks to his sexuality. Kibet, the son of Bomet governor, is openly gay.

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For starters, governor Joyce Laboso is married to a Luo man Edwin Abonyo. Edwin and Joyce are blessed with three son, Bryan Kibet is the eldest.

Bryan Ochieng Kibet

Impending marriage

Apparently Bryan, who resides in Australia, is set to marry a Caucasian sweetheart anytime soon. Australia’s parliament voted overwhelmingly to legalize same-sex marriage on December 7th 2017 overcoming years of conservative resistance.

Bryan Kibet is among many gays who are now enjoying the freedom granted by the new Aussie law. Photo of the governor’s son dressed in female clothes caused a stir on the interwebs.

In the photo, Bryan is seen in a dress seated enjoying his drink. A mzungu is seen seated beside the governor’s son. See the photo below:









  2. Sick people just doing what the devil wants. Stay in Australia which abuses the native people!

    • I am sure you have just received points to take you to heaven just by this lovely comment because your love is so manifest in it, like Christ commanded.

    • God is so proud of your love towards sinful people. Your seat has been pushed closer to the throne next to Abraham’s. Kudos.

  3. Please don’t ask don’t tell.

  4. Holy Ghost. FIRE!!!!!

  5. what??????

  6. Goalssssssssss…..

  7. Foreign spirits may you never be legalised in Kenya in Jesus name

  8. Patriciah Kamau : January 19, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    Let sin be called sin. It is not Governors sin, it is her sons sin. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. What an embarrassment to not only his family but to Kenya.

  9. Its not the governor to blame
    ..she has worked hard and invested on what a mother,brought up in a proper kalenjin culture to raise the son in a moral way..BT for some reason children choose paths that are stray and contrary,to suit own desired…let the madam governors name not be dragged to wayward of a stray grownup so

  10. Come on that guy looks dumb just like a basking tortoise

  11. Mum governor is smart.maybe she was shocked to see this mess.

  12. Really…..lets imagine labosso son is a sinner like any of us here…….who of u is not a sinner ?get a life….does being gay as a sexuality become the worst crime…..why are we ruled by ignorance of our selves ?

  13. Hii ni upuzi, let them be blessed with many kids ????

  14. unfortunate…pole to the a kalenjin man and sharing that name “kibet” i feel low and betrayed..

  15. If you all look clearly at that Picture you will see its not a dress, now as for this Boys sexual orientation what busines is it of kenyans?? Tabloids will do anything to get airtime and sales. 90% of you talking here have had premarital sex, drink and or smoke and gossip and do a whole lot of other things which are just as much a sin as His sin so YES lets all line up on judgement day and see nani ataponea ……. Bunch or Marikonas and Idiots. kenya yenyewe imewashinda mnaenda kutafuta Umbea Australia ……..

    • M.S. they look like shorts to me. But you know haters are going to hate!!!! Cyber bullying at its worst!!!! As far as his sexual orientation, there is no sin greater than the other… people need to stop this nonsense of trying to hurt other people

  16. Wat Eva sin done by individual is bad if we related to his family, kibet ashamed himself, cz same sex is not allowed in our blessed country, even our religion is not allowed, we pray for him so dat almighty show him de right direction ND to quit dat devil practice,.. kuishi Australia haimanishi utadoo against ur religious ND culture..

  17. personal orientation. it’s a choice.

  18. his moral choice will just pay off adequately. God created man and woman. Not man alone.

  19. that boy is doing the right thing according to his country laws (Australia law) not Kenya ,to my view kibet is a citizen to Australia and let him enjoy

  20. Big up brayo….atleast UV done something that yuh like no that which other people like ..all the beat

  21. Koibei Rugut : July 4, 2018 at 9:00 am

    God knowswhat he will do to my tribemate,,,,,,,wacha tu,,,(ingen Jeiso

  22. Gush!!! Hapo ndo life imemfikisha…let us ditch some funny western cultures and we shall live prudent life

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