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Gross! Saumu Mbuvi narrates ordeal of how attacker followed her to the toilet

June 07, 2019 at 12:20
Gross! Saumu Mbuvi narrates ordeal of how attacker followed her to the toilet

Governor Mike Sonko´s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi and lover, Senator Anwar Loitiptip have recorded statements with the police after gruesome attack just Saturday.

Ms Mbuvi and the Lamu Senator are allegedly dating.

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On Saturday night, like any ordinary evening, the duo spent the night out.

This time watching UEFA Champion´s League final at the Memphis Lounge close to USIU, along Thika Road.


While recording her statement at Kasarani police station, Saumu sadly recounts:

We stayed at the club up to 0240hours on the 2nd day of June 2019.

As we were moving out I went to answer to a call of nature

And I went to the toilet located at the entrance of the said lounge.

As I went inside the toilet, a man who was standing in front of the toilet followed me and grabbed me by the top.

He pulled the top tearing it.

I screamed for help and someone threw a stone inside.

The man who was brown and short moved out and entered into a room and locked himself in.

Soon after the screams, the Lamu Senator moves in to the location of the suspect, ordering him to show himself and explain what exactly that was all about.

However, the man comes out and apologizes.

Contrary, according to a detective speaking to ´Nation´, Senator Anwar actually attacked the suspect with taser gun.

The man was attacked by a taser gun

And it is the attack that led to the confrontation that later took place at the parking lot.

The detective cites that investigations are still underway, trying to trace the taser gun.

At the parking lot, Saumu articulates that a 10-man gang attacked the Senator with crude weapons.

After the incident, we left heading to the car when a group of about nine in the company of the brown [man] came after us.

The men were all armed with clubs and started beating Anwar on the foot prompting him to fall down.

I covered his head and shielded him from the beatings when I was also hit on the right arm sustaining injuries.

It is after the attack that Saumu calls her cousin and stepsister, taking them to the Aga Khan University Hospital.

The Lamu Senator is currently admitted, nursing head injuries that include serious cuts.

At the moment, one suspect, apparently a bouncer at the club has been apprehended with the police chasing the other 9.

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