Guardian Angel and 50-year old girlfriend turning heads in series of cute dance videos

Guardian Angel and his lover, Esther Musila decided to give fans a taste of what true love looks like, days after making headlines for an age gap that received massive backlash.

The popular gospel artist felt a connection with fellow gospel singer, Esther who just clocked her 50s, as he stands at 30 years of age. Basic assumption has been that the pair crossed paths through their careers and found common ground in their love and passion for the gospel.

Lovers, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

Interestingly, despite the backlash, instead of retreating and going mum about their secretive love affair, the duo has actually let in fans on what their private lives are like.

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This is after sharing a series of photos together, jamming to his new track Can’t Forget where he features Joyce Blessing. Guardian Angel and Esther complement each other, with a good mastery of the lyrics, each taking their role in the short video.

Next was this clip of the lovebirds, getting down to the song’s beats and do I lie, Esther is so flexible, taking it step-by-step with the moves accurately in place.

The bewitched music doctor, born Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka, avowed to forever stay by his lover’s side because nothing ever felt more right than being with her.


Posts that have since generated mixed reactions from fans, check them out:

kelnamnyak ???????????????????? na wanaulizanga why I love guardian angel. ???? ???? this guy has baaaallls. You can’t bully this one.


weezdom254 LOVE WINS!


syonthi_wawuda I must say kambas never get old aki ???????????????????????????? #lovewins

Jamani tujifunze kusheshimu maamuzi wa mtu..

????????????????uyu ndo dem nilisikia ako 50 years anyway u look great

Ulipewa pesa ngapi??

Guardian ame go through hell his whole childhood…acheni apate someone who will take care of him.Love wins❤️❤️❤️❤️

Huyu mama mmesema ako 50yrs ama 25?

The drip in that mama???? God bless you

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