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Guardian Angel back with Baraka Music, ‘Usikate Tamaa’

August 30, 2019 at 12:26
Guardian Angel back with Baraka Music, 'Usikate Tamaa'

Guardian Angel is back with Baraka Music on a new jam Usikate Tamaa. He is one guy who has kept the gospel industry going on. Guardian Angel is a very talented musician and he has proven this. Recently he has been working on promoting upcoming artists.

Baraka Music has gotten one of the best collaborations and we must say that this was a good choice. Also recently Guardian Angel won an award as the most consistent gospel artist. This is a great deal. Also Guardian Angel has given hope to many with his songs and it never gets old.

Guardian Angel back with Baraka Music, 'Usikate Tamaa'

What is the message and relevance of ‘Usikate Tamaa’?

Usikate Tamaa are Swahili words meaning do not lose hope. This is a great song to start with. It is more of an encouraging song to most people who easily loose hope. God this guy is just on another level.

Produced by Vicky Pondis (Simba Sound) Video directed by Richie-G (ATL Entertainment). They go ahead and say ngoja kidogo usikate tamaa, ana mipango nawe. It is simply giving hope. God has plans for each and everyone. In the song he also poses the question on how many do you think fell earlier and are up now?

Guardian Angel back with Baraka Music, 'Usikate Tamaa'

Also there is a place he says alikujua ata kabla hujazaliwa in the introduction. This is so true. All human beings need is to hold on a little longer. This is what most people do not do. I feel like we can link this song Usikate Tamaa to his last song where he sang about depression. Honestly this guy gives most Christians and non-Christians hope to live.

The video production here is great. Guardian Angel always has that special energy while doing his performance. I can listen to his work again and again without getting tired. Usikate Tamaa by Guardian Angel and Baraka Music is worth your time. It comes at a time when Kenyans need hope.

In conclusion, the jam gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.




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