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Guardian Angel for “Kenya”

May 21, 2019 at 15:21
Kenya new song by Guardian Angel

As Kenya still grapples with bad politics, Kenyans are still putting on a strong face to push through their frustrating days.

This  to at least make a living. Well this might not be ending anytime soon. Audiphaxad Peter, better known as Guardian Angel, is back to the Scene with a song Titled ‘Kenya”.

Thankfully, the celebrated  Gospel Afrorap and Dancehall Singer, Guardian Angel is out to encourage us to keep pushing despite the stress as Kenya is a beautiful country.

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“This song is a reminder to my fellow countrymen that God loves Kenya and it’s a beautiful country,” as he told World Is.


The ‘Wakati wa Mungu’  hit maker has managed to stay relevant in the Kenyan Industry and this latest jam is  proof of extreme talent.

The song was  done in partnership with The Permanent Presidential Music Commission who brought up the idea too him.

From the Lyrics that he wrote, he says that despite the challenges in the country, Kenya is still a blessed country with many opportunities, a rich history and very hardworking citizens.

‘Akina Mama Hoyeee,Akina Baba Hoyee, Vijana Hoyee….Wanainchi,wote, viongozi wote  tushikane mikono tuijenge Kenya,,,,,,,Kenya ni Nyumbani kwetu tuungane sote tuijenge Kenya…….

Listening to this song, you’d consider it for holidays like ‘labor day’ for the Kenyan Laborer. But unfortunately the the opposite is the harsh reality.

Having to deal with sky rocketing economy, high taxation that not most us understand but what are we to do?

“Wanao lala tutoke Kwa vitanda. Wakina mama tufunge maleso. Tusiwatukane viongozi Kwa Mitandao let’s take a step ya kuleta mabadiliko Wale wanatoka ghetto wote na wale wa mtaa,

Wale wanatoka village wote na wale wa town up town down town round town. Kenya ni nchi ya Mungu down town round town. Tushikane mikono tuijenge kenya”

But again there is Madaraka day in a few days to come this would be good song to consider  just as a reminder about our country’s struggle.

Reaction to the song…

Before I started writing this article I stumbled on a Facebook post by one Kevin Amunze that had positive energy in support of the song,

”Guardian Angel has turned into something else, he has bitten talent and everything that comes with it. This sound will live forever in our heads, but listening to this song reminds me of one man, Waweru Mburu (R.I.P) , imagine this song in his production. Hii ipewe hewa mpaka iwe anthem. Well Done Guardian.

Further from Youtube comments the same positive energy is replicated,

Kathryn says,

‘Kama unataka hii song ichezwe Madaraka day gonga like hapa. Big tune music doctor’

Dj joe Brizzy says,

‘You Never Disappoint !! Wapi likes za Guardian Angel ?” 

This and many more reactions  clearly define how much talent Guardian Angel has.As we hope for a better Kenya, we going to rate this song at 9/10.

Below is the song watch and tell us what you think.

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  1. 10/10 for me. Wow! God bless him. I stay waiting for another……and another!

  2. Inspirational..lets forge ahead as a united kenya.

  3. Waiting for another hit too

  4. Victor barasa : May 21, 2019 at 11:47 pm

    Iko juu tu sana

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