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Guardian Angel In Tears Of Joy As He Weds Lover Esther Musila (Video)

January 05, 2022 at 18:49
Guardian Angel In Tears Of Joy As He Weds Lover Esther Musila (Video)

Love is indeed a beautiful thing; and Esther Musila and her hubby Guardian Angel are proving that it knows no boundaries. The two sweethearts have tied the knot after dating for over one and a half years. They have thrived in their relationship by remaining oblivious to critics’ comments on their age difference.

Esther Musila, who is a mother of three aged 52 years old, stated that she wasn’t really looking for love until Gospel artist Guardian Angel rekindled her side of love.

“When I met Guardian, I was not looking for love, I was not looking to be in a relationship. How things started to change, I only say it’s God. When I was turning 50 last year I said to God, ‘I want to do things differently in my life and he has given me more than I asked for,” Esther noted.

Guardian Angel weds Esther Musila-Instagram (courtesy)

True Love

On their wedding day held on 4th January 2022, their exuberance was evident as they took to their Instagram to announce the good news;

Esther Musila wrote;

”To find someone as special as you out of all the people in the world is something I never imagined.
Let’s do this life together.
Mr & Mrs Omwaka ❤❤”

Guardian Angel also reacted;

”And on my birthday, God did it again. Mr.& Mrs. OMWAKA.”

The two sweethearts are evidently in love and Guardian Angel couldn’t hold back his tears as his bride walked down the isle to be received by him.

Watch the short video below;




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