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Guardian Angel reveals the inspiration behind his dashing fashion sense

December 02, 2019 at 10:12
Guardian Angel reveals the inspiration behind his dashing fashion sense

No lie, celebrated Kenyan gospel singer, Guardian Angel´s taste in fashion, speaks elegance and finesse.

He is a fashionista in his own right and he has been commended for that, time and again.

Yes, he graces our screens in a myriad of music productions but his fashion sense speaks a lot about his music too.

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Recently, as reported by Nairobi Wire, he opened up about his striking fashion sense in his recent jam, ´Nibariki´.


First what was the theme behind his new song ´Nibariki´?

Well, the song talks about life. I was raised in a struggling family and since my childhood, I have prayed to God to put me in a position where I can help the needy.

Best explaining the reason behind his recent philanthropic act that left many jaws dropped.

To this extent, I have made a tough decision to trade my one and only Mercedes Benz C200, just to contribute to a children´s home somewhere in Nairobi.

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However, his ´Nibariki´ jam broke the norm of his fashion trends and he explains why.

Many of my fans define me as a man of suits, which is true, but on the Nibariki video, I had to break the monotony and being that I wanted to match the song to the proximity of the video shoot, it would only make sense if I was dressed in simple smart casual.

Guardian Angel speaks about breaking his suit-monotony on his Nibariki jam

Fashion sense

Guardian Angel described himself as a lover of official wear and a bit of casual here and there but suits are his ´kind of thing´.

The music doctor went ahead to affirm that he believes fashion and music go hand-in-hand since fans look out for both  and he advised that artistes up their game on wardrobe matters.

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So what would he pick out as the music video, in which he feels best dressed?

The official outfit on the Jina La Yesu video was just fire! I would rate it the best so far; the designer did it justice.

For a tip, Bolo Bespoke is the mastermind behind his sharp official wears.

Due to my passion for fashion, I also have a clothes shop called Clad 7 in Umoja.




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