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Guardian Angel is taking over Kenyan Gospel music

August 14, 2019 at 09:05
Gurdian Angel



Guardian Angel is slowly taking up the crown of the best gospel artist in Kenya.So far he is the reigning King

Having  started off the year on a low note with little Music releases.

It  was not until two months ago that under the  Permanent Presidential Music Commission  that he released a patriotic song titled  “Kenya”.

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Further he was on the verge of giving up in music. Reason?Music was not paying his bills as expected.

At that point he felt as though he was being tested.

Fortunately in few months ago, Gurdian Angel was unveiled, as the Brand Ambassador for Crowned Eagle Safaris. A travel agency based in Nairobi, Kenya that plans tours and travels for clients in Africa, Europe, Dubai, and Asia.

This was after doing the song “Mercy”.

Clearly  that became a sign of breakthrough for this gospel dancehall champion.

Then to top it all the patriotic song “Kenya” gave him a bigger platform as he got the chance to perform during Madaraka day celebrations in Narok.

His musical content

Kenyans  seem to be loving Guardian Angel by the day. Why? This is because compared to most contemporary gospel artists, Guardian Angel is unique.

In terms of content and lyrical scripting, he clearly know what his calling is. He invests so much in proper gospel music writing and I believe that is what gives him an edge among others.

A good example is his latest jam ‘Kuongozwa”.The song has a bit of  the ‘He leadeth hymn” that he coins around with it to gives us  the dancehall aspect of it and carries the weight with the Swahili verses.

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With big hits like “hadithi” among others this is the guy that we should be celebrating as a country.That is when it comes to contemporary gospel music.

Sadly those that initially took the crown have had countless scandals that have had Kenyans question their music on whether its about gospel or them as individuals.

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  1. I love his latest music…good work!

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