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Hamisa Mobetto blasted for copy pasting daughter’s birthday shoot!

April 14, 2020 at 14:46
Hamisa Mobetto blasted for copy pasting daughter’s birthday shoot!

Hamisa Mobetto’s daughter Fantasy turned 5 years this past weekend; and due to the coronavirus quarantine regulations the little girl did not have her usual parties!

From the photos making rounds on social media; we understand that Hamisa Mobetto held a small party in her living room inviting a few friends and family!

Tanzanian socialite, Hamisa Mobetto

Well, as usual there are those who couldn’t understand why she chose to hold the party; when Coronavirus seems to have hit Tanzania differently!

Accused of theft!

Away from this; word making rounds on social media is that Hamisa Mobetto stole the goddess photo shoot idea seen on her Instagram page.

It turns out that she not only stole the idea but also the design used in making both her outfit and that of her daughter’s!

Hamisa denies copy pasting daughter’s photo shoot

The story which was first highlighted by one Tanzanian gossip tabloid provided proof showing complaints from the original creators of the goddess mother and daughter photo shoot.


On the post below, the complainant revealsed that Hamisa photographer bashed her after she reached out hoping to be credited.

However Misa’s team continued to insist that the photo shoot idea was not stolen but an original concept from the mother of 2!

Hamisa accused of copy pasting






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  2. The other designer also stole the idea from Beyonce. Hamisa’s execution is young, fresh and sassy . Fashion changes over time period

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