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Hamisa Mobetto reveals why her friendship with Tanasha Donna ended overnight (Video)

September 22, 2020 at 09:39
Hamisa Mobetto reveals why her friendship with Tanasha Donna ended overnight (Video)

Hamisa Mobetto has come forth to reveal that her friendship with Tanasha Donna began way before they both started seeing Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking during a recent interview with a known Tanzanian news outlet; the mother of two went on to confirm that indeed she knew Tanasha Donna from way back. However their friendship ended immediately after Diamond Platnumz started dating the Kenyan singer.

Diamond’s baby mamas:(from right) Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna

  We used to know each other before she started dating Diamond but when she was with him, we were not close and it would have been awkward anyway, but she’s a lovely person.

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This not being the first time Hamisa Mobetto is speaking about Tanasha Donna; the Tanzanian business woman has always made sure to keep a positive vibe unlike the eldest baby mama, Zari.

Kids to meet soon

Despite both having had children with Diamond Platnumz; none envy’s each other but the two parents continue hoping that their kids will soon meet.

Speaking about a possible meeting between Dyllan and baby Naseeb; the mother of 2 said;

Tanzanian socialite and vixen, Hamisa Mobetto

Eventually they will meet, they are brothers so even if it’s not us, it was planned that they would meet. So when the time comes, they will.

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With the kind of maturity Hamisa Mobetto has been portraying towards fellow baby mama Tanasha Donna and Zari Hassan; it is only fair to say that she is indeed over her relationship with the Bongo Star!

Away from that, turns out that her relationship with Ms Donna is not just based on the kids; but the two also speak quite a lot about business!

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