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“Hapo ni Kibera ama?” Kenyans savagely dismiss Chipukeezy as he breaks news about his gig in Texas, USA

October 23, 2017 at 08:59
"Hapo ni Kibera ama?" Kenyans savagely dismiss Chipukeezy as he breaks news about his gig in Texas, USA

Chipukeezy was exposed as the true master of deception by Hollywood actress Christine Wawira. And now Kenyans don’t believe anything Chipukeezy says even if it’s true.

Chipukeezy lied that he attended 2017 BET awards gala and that he exchanged contacts with Kevin Hart. The Kenyan comedian met Kevin Hart on June 12th 2017 in Los Angeles when the American comedian was on a tour promoting his book ‘I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons’.

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Chipu told NTV’s Kobi Kihara that Kevin Hart asked for his contacts when they met. He also claimed that he attended 2017 BET award gala but Hollywood actress Christine Wawira, who hosted the comedian in US, revealed this was also a lie.

Christine Wawira and Chipukeezy

Christine Wawira and Chipukeezy

Kenyans dismiss Chipukeezy

Chipukeezy is currently in US state of Texas where he headlined various gigs in different cities. Kenyans trolled the comedian when he broke news about his gig in Austin.

“Good people of Austin Texas thank you #welaughed#uwongonimbaya” Wrote Chipukeezy.

Chipukeezy during his show in Austin, Texas

See how Kenyans reacted to Chipukeezy’s post below:

damarismatunda: Uwongo ni mbaya sana

khasasirigal: Next time humble yourself before God coz this far its him, and learn to appreciate, not yapping like a she goat!!! #uwongonimbaya

karanjav: Humble yourself asshole , you’re such a disgrace for to your society. At least appreciate our black women. She wiped your ass . That was disrespectful for lying . Next time we won’t take shit from you. You just want to look special and seek attention. Your comedy is trash , and you’re a selfish bitch . We see how special you’re now ??that someone gave up his seat for you asshole , and of course about White lady ?, nigga ! a Kenyan black woman save your ass , I’ll assure you’re color blind, you can’t differentiate between black and white . Next time give credit to people who do you good . Don’t be selfish. @chipukeezy
joanne_sal1With or without uwongo., still u are blessed @chipukeezy i, i dont no why pple tryna make things big deals

ogeorge606: Hapo sawa bro

vincent_kimanthi: Your uwongo is funny…keep up mblooo…

ivy_lizbeth: Now you’ve learnt

ak_ish: Wish I stayed home n watched a movie…!!

njeri_kaana: That hash tag….it’s like you mocking the lady…just get over it. You apologized…@chipukeezy

sulmmer_: @ak_ish it was that bad damn

sulmmer_: Hes acting like its all good and deep down hes embarassed ,shame on you

kashyzo_beibee: Hapo Kibera ama? So hilo ni jimbo la Black People eeeh @chipukeezy

tina_the_topmodel:???enyewe uongo ni mbaya lakini wale wabaya sana ni waongo @chipukeezy

mutula_belta:Well done chipukeezy put our chin up always??❤❤❤❤?

dennjd24:Never listen to attention seekers. .. aim higher.

maureenmentah:[email protected]

itsjunkz:Seems you mocking the white lady isokay with the #tag

msnyamoita:The tag though… Its not funny @christinewawira is a nice soul…u did her bad and u still making it a joke





  1. Patience Muraya : October 23, 2017 at 11:50 am

    This out of country shows are funny i tell u

  2. Why Kenyans like this?

  3. Chipukeezy you did a very bad thing

  4. She should apologize before fans close his chapter in Kenya

  5. Hehehe this is savage af

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  7. Huna maana haufai kabisa hata shukran huna,jinga kabisa

  8. I believe nobody is a saint we all make mistake chipo has realised his mistake and apologized so I wonder whey all the insults. It’s over let’s move on guys

  9. I do agree with all the ideas you have presented in your post. They are really convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are too short for novices. Could you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

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