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Harmonize begs fans to stop comparing him to Diamond Platnumz 

May 27, 2019 at 09:08
Harmonize begs fans to stop comparing him to Diamond Platnumz 

Wasafi Records signee Harmonize has asked fans to stop comparing him with his boss Diamond Platnumz. Fans of late have been comparing the two trying to figure out who is better and Harmonize things it’s all wrong.

In an interview with Wasafi FM, singer said that Diamond is a mentor to him and comparing the two will just generate animosity.

“Diamond yuko proud kushindanishwa na mimi. Kwenye career yake ameshindanishwa na watu kama Ali Kiba, Ommy Dimpoz, Ben Pol, Rich Mavoko,” he said.

New song

Never give up by Harmonize

Harmonize has released a motivational song called ‘Never Give Up‘, which narrates his life experiences. The singer was rejected by almost everyone while building his musical skills until he met with Diamond who gave him a chance. He said he believes Diamond is proud of him.

“Hao watu wote ni watu waliotoka kwingine, lakini ikifika anashindanishwa na msanii ambaye amemtengeneza, he is so proud. I believe he is so proud, he has made me be Harmonize. Lakini vikizidi sana vinatengeneza chuki.” he added.

Watch ‘Never Give Up’ below:






  1. what i can say is that we can’t compare HARMONIZE 2 DIAMOND PLATNUMZ Is coz diamond is big and his is da boss ov them

  2. Once you are being compared to your mentor then know that your mentor is doing a very good job therefore mshukuru sana diamond…you are going far….

  3. Ina maana Sawa na mtu kumzaa mtoto anae fanana naye,unafurahia kuambiwa unakufanana. Diamond should be proud of his hard word to make u what u are today….. Congrats harmo. U going far bro.

  4. Jose Mkenya : May 28, 2019 at 11:58 am

    I have been touched by this issue, first when the student scores an “A” in the exams he/she is congratulated with his/her own teachers and the community as a whole, the teachers themselves also feel good for the good results they have got from their products, so should DIAMOND PLATINUMS.

  5. macleud owuor : May 28, 2019 at 7:58 pm

    sky is de limit for u konde,bravo

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