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Harmonize is a simp, pandering after his girlfriend Sarah Michelotti

July 06, 2020 at 18:51
Harmonize teams up with Yemi Alade on 'Pain'

Harmonize is steady simping after his girlfriend, Sarah Michelotti and it seems like no one is willing to tell him that this will end in heartbreak -for him.

Harmonize and Sallam SK playing out their beef at funeral is disgusting

You see, Harmonize is one of the biggest stars out of Tanzania and consequently, out of East Africa because let’s face it, Tanzania of late has been manufacturing the stars. Anyway, Harmonize is one of the biggest stars yet he turns himself into a lap dog where Sarah Michelotti is concerned.


The couple is currently planning a wedding and this reportedly follows a period in which Harmonize grovelled to keep his lady love from dumping him like rancid porridge.

Harmonize’s latest confession just shows that men too hurt as much after break up

Back then it was because Harmonize was caught in some Kenyan girl’s DMs. You see, the girl in question,  Afia Kiener had posted a video of herself dancing to Harmonize’ song and he decided he would like to get familiar with her.


Away from that, there is the fact that Harmonize is always spotted carrying his girlfriend’s purse and handbag when they are out together. While spineless men will argue that there is nothing wrong with that, you have to wonder whether their fathers’ were in the habit of carrying their mother’s handbags and if they weren’t, whether this occasioned a significant shift in their mothers’ moods.

Bahati getting paid by Diamond Platnumz to attack Harmonize? He responds

Harmonize doesn’t seem like the type of young man who has his wits about him when he has love beating in his heart. He will probably not ask his bride-to-be to sign a pre-nup. It is interesting to see that whenever he talks about his girlfriend, he simply talks about her beauty and not how she adds value to his life.


No wonder the likes of Bahati have no qualms about insulting him, they do not respect Harmonize. think about that, Bahati, who himself is a simp, feels secure in attacking Harmo…

“Forever yours!” Harmonize reassures Sarah Michelotti on their anniversary

But the real issue is that the situations makes it seem like Harmonize simply worships his beau because of her race. When he was dating his ex, Wolper, he wasn’t as ingratiating as he currently is. Even the way the relationships ended, it seemed almost callous but when it comes to Ms Sarah Michelotti, Harmonize seems like he is willing to put himself through any insults simply so he can settle down with an Italian lady.

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