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Harmonize reveals intimate details about the Wasafi family [video]

July 09, 2019 at 11:30
Harmonize reveals intimate details about the Wasafi family [video]

Bongo young star, Harmonize opens up about Wasafi´s management that has Mama Dangote as a board member.

Speaking during the Gatsby 707 event that went down over the weekend, the Wasafi artist reveals that Diamond´s mother, Sandra is part of the management team.

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And according to him, was she to decline his membership into the WCB label, then he would have missed the chance.

Mama Dangote ni kati ya Wakurugenzi wa WCB Wasafi.

Nadhani bila wao kutoa permission, huenda mimi singesigniwa na WCB Wasafi.

So Mama Dangote wacha niitoe kama ni siri, ni mkurugenzi wa Wasafi pia.

Adding how critical a role she has played in his growth as an artiste and expresses his sincere gratitude and love for the mother.

I love her, amenisupport, lakini pia amekuwa akinipa moyo sana.

So namwombea kwa Mwenyezi Mungu siku zote ambariki and I believe kuwa tuna safari ndefu sana ya kuenda.

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Mayotte ❤

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However, seemingly not having a good relationship with Diamond´s lover, Tanasha Donna, the ´Never Give Up´ hit maker has this to share:

Ni shemeji yangu, atabaki kuwa shemeji yangu milele. Unajua ushemeji haufutiki, ashakuwa shemeji na atakuwa shemeji.

And I love her and tunaheshimiana sana.

Harmonize clarified that there are no hard feelings between the two because whether he likes it or not, they are both now part of a bigger family.

Adding that what goes on on social media will not always be true and the world should let it all pass.

He however points out that just like he dislikes getting advice about his love life, it is not his bone to pick about other people´s relationship.

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Because if that is their choice, then he supports it fully.


When asked about his music, he reveals something is definitely cooking in the kitchen and will be like no other.

Further adding that it will come out as a surprise to many, after failing to disclose whether it was an album or a single.

He however thanks all who offer him support in his music career.


The Tanzanian bongo star stepped out in a new hairstyle and this is what he had to say.

Lazima tuonyeshe watu kwamba kuna mabadiliko pia katika sanaa.




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