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Harmonize’s ex alleging he is infertile is a cruel way to get revenge on a man

December 05, 2020 at 07:28
Harmonize's ex alleging he is infertile is a cruel way to get revenge on a man

Sarah Michelotti is petty. She is the woman scorned by Harmonize but my word, you do not get back at your man quite like this. This is just brutal and cruel. You see, it is reported that the Konde Gang boss was cheating on her for quite a while and he eventually got caught.

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You see, as things go with all long term relationships, Harmonize and Sara Michelotti’s got stale. The sex was boring, they were both tired of the mundane but it was him, the Tanzanian Bongo star who chose to stray. As a result, he was linked to several partners both strongly and loosely but nothing was ever fully established until they broke up. It was at that point that Sarah stopped suppressing all the stories about her man by feeding the circus.

Sarah Michelotti and Harmonize

The time when Harmonize and his bae faked a wedding

And now, she has come out with a major blow, alleging that her former beau is actually impotent. She had some paternity test results that showed allegedly that Harmonize was not the father of the daughter he had claimed as she went on to alleged further that he was actually impotent.

And this madness has only served to destroy what was hitherto an impeccable standing Harmonize enjoyed with Tanzanian fans who saw him as a more palatable option to Diamond Platnumz’philandering self. But now not only has he been outed for being the same beast and animal but he has also been alleged to have faulty faucets and that is where we are going to have to draw the line. There was no need for Sarah to go there whether or not it is true. I know the old adage about hell having no fury like a woman scorned but we cannot condone this level of disrespect.

Harmoni and Sarah Michelotti

Harmonize carrying Sarah Michelotti’s handbag like a pansy.

The only thing she could have done that was worse for Harmonize would have been to release photographs of the Adonis bodied crooner as he exited the bathroom following a cold shower on a cold June/ July morning. It is absolutely unacceptable.

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Afterall, all Harmonize did was cheat. Sarah Michelotti isn’t the first woman to have been cheated on nr will she be the last. She should have known that dating a star would come with certain… Um… Certainties. She should have known this would happen. And after all, Harmonize cheating on her doesn’t mean he stopped loving her, it merely meant that he had chosen to embrace what it means to be a man from a primal understanding of the word.

Sarah Michelotti

Sarah Michelotti

We as men all around East and Central Africa need to stand together with our brother during this trying time and understand that today it is Harmonize being slandered so but tomorrow it might be you. If you want to talk to us about the fact that the evidence she released is illegal, that is a story for another day. Today we stand in solidarity about the allegation that Harmonize is shooting blanks.

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