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Harusi tunayo! Wema Sepetu shares unknown details about her future husband

August 20, 2020 at 21:29
Harusi tunayo! Wema Sepetu shares unknown details about her future husband

Wema Sepetu is currently in very serious relationship with a certain unknown man;but thanks to her latest interview, Wema promises to introduce him to fans.

The Tanzanian actress revealed this while on an interview with Trendy TV show back in Bongo land. For the first time in a while, Wema confirmed about her serious relationship – that seems to be headed for marriage.

Speaking during the interview; Wema went on to reveal that she has been tempted to introduce him on her pages… but until he pays the bride price is when she can publicly parade him.

Actress Wema Sepetu

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Kuna muda natamani kumpost mpenzi wangu lakini nimeamua nisimpost mpaka atakapo Kuja kutoa mahari nyumbani” (which is very soon)…

Lesson learnt

Judging from the past relationships the lady has been involved in; I bet Wema has since learnt the importance of keeping her personal life on the low.

The last time Wema was said to be getting married; her fiance was exposed for being a conman preying on lonely single women. Their engagement was then cancelled but 3 years down the line; Wema says she is in a serious relationship with the love of her life.

Known for stunts

However, we also can’t forget that Wema is known to pull publicity stunts; but at 31 years, would she really lie about getting married?

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Anyway as for now all we can do is sit and watch her love story unfold on social media; and if she does not introduce him – then I guess it means he wouldn’t have paid the bride price, right?





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