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Has Mejja lost his touch in music after joining the Kansoul? He responds

July 03, 2019 at 16:24
Has Mejja lost his touch in music after joining the Kansoul? He responds

Mejja has come out to address claims that joining The Kansoul has destroyed his music career.

The genge artist who was recently interviewed by Jalang’o on Milele FM opened up about a few things most people seem to have forgotten about him as an artist.


Apparently his fans now feel that his music with the Kansoul no longer has the same vibe it used to have back when he was a solo artist.

For this reason Jalang’o went on to ask him whether it true his lyrics no longer deliver the poetic vibe he once served in his songs.

Watu kwa mtandao wanauliza Mejja arudi apige moja tu yake bila Kansoul. Sijui kama umeona. Wanasema umepotea sana kwa Kansoul, hakuna mashairi.

Mejja responds

Having dropped songs like Landlord, Niko poa, Jana kuliendaje among others; the artist says that nothing much has changed about his music.

All he did was adjust to today’s mode of music since the music industry keeps changing with age.

Lazima tuchange kama venye generation inachange wale watu nilikuwa naimbia 2007 saa hii wako na familia so atabambika na ngoma zako lakini kama kuna concert hatakuja .Hii generation mpya ukitaka kuwa relevant lazima uchange na vile generation inachange. That’s why tumekuwa tukiwork na hawa wasee mnaskia saa hii kama akina Ethic, Ochunglo family, Boondocks na City Boy

This is the same reason The Kansoul worked with Ethic who have the new sound which attracts the younger generation.

In another question, Jalang’o asked whether he was using the younger artists in the industry to boost his career saying;

Unaisha ama unatumia vijana kukuinua

The singer responded saying;

Hapana. Unajua nilirealize wave inachange na kwa sababu watu wengine wako sensitive na lyrics but ukiimba nao unawawekea stamp of authority hawa wasee wako sawa,






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