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Has Octopizzo lost relevance?

July 02, 2019 at 19:50
Octopizzo Zikishika

You might hate me for this but sometimes I get the feeling that Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga, alias Octopizzo, has lost his relevance or he’s on the verge of losing it. Well, I could also be wrong.

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Admittedly, the Kibera-bred artist still makes good music but the truth is that is not what the mass market is consuming heavily. Put simply, it’s not the kind of music that most Kenyans are vibing to at the moment.

Octopizzo has released two songs since the year begun i.e. Babylon and Zikishika. While both songs were above par and well-executed, none of them was hit and we can debate this until the cows come home.

You could argue that the Oliel hit maker targets a particular niche with his music and he’s not interested in the mass market but the truth is that every artist wants his songs to go viral and garner millions of views on YouTube.



As we speak, Zikishika – which was released in April, has 810,000 views. Babylon – which was released in February has garnered only 780,000 views so far.

Now let’s compare this to Ethic who make music for the mass market. They have also released two songs this year namely Pandana and Figa. Pandana, which dropped in March has 2.3 million views, Figa which was released a fortnight ago has slightly above 1 million views.

If it is indeed true that numbers don’t lie, what does this tell you? What does it imply? The way I see it is that Octopizzo is losing or has lost relevance in the local music industry. It’s just what it is.

The emergence of new age-artists like Boondocks Gang, Ethic, Ochunglo Family, Rico Gang, Zzero Sufuri really tilted the scales. The mass market is consuming their music heavily at the moment and the sooner Kenyan artists realize this, the better!

We’ve seen the likes of The Kansoul working with these new age artists so that they can remain afloat so why can’t Octopizzo follow suit?

Watch Octopizzo’s latest release dubbed Zikishika below.






  1. Fuckin haters juzi moiwacompare na sauti sol leo ni octo
    Different kind of music and different approach
    Ghafla go fuck yourself

  2. U can sing oliel n likes of octos oldies. Lamba lolo iliisha kitambo sana.unless u can lie u hav lamba lolo played in ua playlist.
    Get the fck serious.ethic can not b compared to kina sauti sol n octo n kansoul.that wld b injustice.

  3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚this is funny as hell..
    ghafla get some better research to do

  4. The comparison is fucking irrelevant! And even if it is a matter of views, compare Octo to rappers in the same genre of music. Pizzo de king and you know it!

  5. Ebony masaka : July 3, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    Its not true,Octo remains the king. Though pandana has many view we dont see the meaning of the song hence Ohanga #Octop-i-zz-o gives a meaningfull song… The problem is that we have lost our culture and molarity of our communities not caring what massage we pass from our songs especial the #ETHICKS

  6. Lasi Da Sila : July 3, 2019 at 10:47 pm

    Octo was a great rapper but not any more. He has lost relevance and my basis is not the comparisons of the likes of ethics with their nonsense.I love hip hop and I think lately octo has been falling short in terms of content. I still love him and still listen to his earlier music though.

  7. Hapa umechokoza Familia mzima ya Papichulo and I think Don should see this… The fact that you’re comparing teenagers na Octopizo is just pathetic kama huelewi ngoma za Don usitusumbue find a better research to do

  8. mbuzi ni mbuzi tu ni kama kucompare mbappe na messiπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  9. Ghafla you’ve been paid to tarnish Octo’s reputation… Octopizzo songs and albums are leading on iTunes and You Tube…Rapwise…Acheni ujinga…Compare the king win the other 254 rappers…Na bado anapiga shows majuu

  10. Not octopizzo hip hop as general…but expect a comeback very soon…this guy is about to kill scenes

  11. I respect ghafla so much but the author of this article is the one who has lost relevance in his work dumbass..lucky am not your boss I would totally fire your snooty ass and grow up stop listening to junky music

  12. #w joss wanyama : August 10, 2019 at 10:01 am

    # w joss wanyama +93, ngoma zote za octo hakuna chamaana yey huimba ngoma zake nikujisifu tu nothin new, no love song rap lyk khaligraph,or raping about society jst nothing! he should change to deifferent lyk the likes of nyash and papajones.

  13. Octopizzo should pull up his socks before it's too late - Ghafla! Kenya : May 6, 2020 at 11:43 am

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