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“Hatuwachani!” Vanessa Mdee’s boyfriend Rotimi tells Tanzanians

April 02, 2020 at 10:58
“Hatuwachani!” Vanessa Mdee’s boyfriend Rotimi tells Tanzanians

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Vanessa Mdee and her power boyfriend actor Rotimi have no plans of parting ways anytime soon and if anything; their love is here to stay!

The two revealed this during one of Vanessa Mdee’s video shared on her page where she opened up about her silence.

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According to Vanessa Mdee, she chose to address this as assurance to fans that she will soon be back to making music; however just not anytime soon.

Break time

Vanessa Mdee who is currently living in the United States with her lover Rotimi revealed that she never took any break since her career began 13 year ago.

Vanessa mdee

But after meeting Rotimi and falling in love; she now feels that some time off music would do her some justice especially mentally and also physically.

Stuck with each other

What left many Tanzanians burying their faces in their hands is after Rotimi sneaked into the video then went on to say “Hatuachani!”

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Mwimbaji Staa wa Bongofleva Vanessa Mdee amevunja ukimya kwa kuongelea ukimya wake na maamuzi yake ya kupumzika. • “Kwa miaka 13 nimefanya kazi bila mapumziko, hatimae nimepata muda kwa ajili yangu, kufanya ninavyovipenda na kuvitaka, nataka kuchukua muda kufurahia maisha, tuko hapa kwa ajili ya kuishi na kufurahia maisha” – @vanessamdee • Wakati Vanessa akiongea kwenye hii video na kuonesha kufurahia penzi lake jipya na Mwigizaji Staa @Rotimi, Mpenzi wake huyo alijitokeza na kuongea kwa kiswahili kurudia kwa msisitio neno ‘hatuachani’ • Vanessa amewashukuru Mashabiki zake pia kwa kusupport podcast yake kwenye season ya kwanza na kuahidi kuileta season ya pili na kujibu maswali mengi ya Mashabiki zake.

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Clearly this shows that Vanessa Mdee and Rotimi have already come across rumors claiming that their relationship will not last!

However, Rotimi makes it clear that he has no plans of leaving Vanessa Mdee and neither does she!

The actor who is popularly known for his role on Power series is undeniably handsome and if anything; he seems to be giving many women out here sleepless nights – but as for now he exclusively remains as Mdee’s main man!

Juma Juxx

After breaking up with his Asian girlfriend, Juma Juxx has lately been keeping a low profile on social media; and rumor has it that losing Vanessa Mdee changed hit him differently!

Juma Juxx with ex girlfriend

On the brighter side, at least he got a chance to enjoy Huddah’s company in Zanzibar a few weeks ago, right?

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