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“Have mercy please I’ve just lost my dad” Mishi Dorah begs Pierra Makena to drop the lawsuit

February 02, 2018 at 07:15
"Have mercy please I've just lost my dad" Mishi Dorah begs Pierra Makena to drop the lawsuit

Mishi Dorah was forced to drop the ‘don’t care’ attitude after she received a letter from Pierra Makena’s legal team. The Nairobi Diaries actress has now eaten the humble pie.

Pierra Makena is actually very lenient to Mishi Dorah. The sultry DJ is not seeking compensation for damage caused by Mishi Dorah’s defamation.

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All Pierra wants from Mishi Dorah is a written apology within 7 days. She served Mishi with the letter from her legal team that stated her ultimatums.

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I’ve never been this crashed in my life

Mishi Dorah indirectly apologized to Pierra Makena in a post on Instagram. The actress didn’t mention Pierra’s name but earnestly asked for forgiveness for all her indiscretions.

She says the death of her father was punishment enough for her. Mishi Dorah lost her father at the same time she was embroiled in a scuffle with Pierra Makena.

“So I’m here writing this while in tears…. I know I’ve wronged so many people.. but if you keen enough then you’d know that I never go looking for trouble.. trouble always finds me… I always talk of what i know.. not a reported speech…i’m a cast in a reality tv show… meaning everything that is being aired there is reality… but hey, I also I have a life away from all the cameras… I’ve just lost someone very dear to me.. my dad.. and he is never gonna come back to me.. I’m mourning this man with everything in me…. I’ve never been this crashed in my life apart from also seeing my daughter sometime back almost dead.. I beg you to let me mourn in peace… you have any personal problem with me then deal with me.. coz as a human being i belive that i have my shortcomings, thus not making imperfect ….but please respect my dead old man… if he was a live then it’s understandable…. curse me all you want coz of what I did during the reunion but kindly do let the dead be…. I’m actually at your mercy at this point…if me saying sorry will make you’ll help me wish him well.. then I’M SORRY… Yes.. that’s how much I love him and miss him already,” wrote Mishi Dorah






  1. Abraham Kiyeng : February 2, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    Asamehewe tu coz she is going through a tough time right now

  2. Have mercy Pierra

  3. Teyana Muhonzi-Dayle : February 2, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    oh puleeez, apologize to pierra in person, mourning aside, thats your own personal stuff, but please refer to Pierra and face her and ultimately apologise. dont hide under the guise of mourning.

  4. Crocodile tears, isn’t she the one who said she grew up in an orphanage?. Hana kakitu, she is afraid of what the lawsuit might lead to. This time she bit off more than she could chew, she thought she was dealing with her ratchet Nairobi diaries cast.

  5. Keep off the amerucan bae

  6. Mishi Dora: I will apologize after it is confirmed that Pierra Makena was not the one abusing me - Ghafla!Kenya : February 2, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    […] In the lengthy legal statement, Mishi Dora was given 7 days to issue a written and verbal apology. […]

  7. My dear Mishi, it never hurts to say am sorry. Just apologize, you’ll still be Mishi Dorrah to you fans!

  8. Sorry for her lose but she should apologies properly and directly to Makena. She claims that she reacts on facts, where was those so called facts when she attacked Makema. She should just bite the humble pie and apologise.

  9. The apologies should be direct and straight to the point. We all know you go back to your demonic ways.

  10. Nyefnyef! Apologise directly to Pierra. She is the Queen and deserves it .

  11. I was bullied in lower primary,I hate bullies like mishi Dora and pendo

  12. To hate this lady called Misha ako na mdomo kubwa. She will let others talk she is always shouting n fighting. Round hii amepata kidogo yake.hahaha

  13. Pole Mishi. Guys just let her be.

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