Have you met Kenya´s wealthiest YouTuber? Sonal Maherali shows off 1.7m handbag

March 15, 2019 at 09:51
Have you met Kenya´s wealthiest YouTuber? Sonal Maherali shows off 1.7m handbag

She might not be made of black, but Sonal Maherali definitely speaks Luxury and Class.

Fashion blogger, Sonal Maherali looking simple but elegant

At an interview with TUKO´s Lynn Ngugi, the breathtaking YouTuber said her most expensive bag was worth Ksh 1.7 million, not counting.


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Sonal Maherali´s Hermes Birkin bag worth 1.7million

Nearly Ksh 2 million, the mother of four spent on the Hermes Birkin bag, in barenia leather and palladium hardware.

Other costly purchases

Yet another one, is a Hermes blood orange Birkin 35 that Sonal proudly coughed off Ksh 1.3 million, counting.

Fashioned to be a trendsetter is the least we could accord her, basing on her enormous expenses, and still leading from the very top.

I am yet to mention the impeccable beauty´s luxurious closet that could easily buy one a castle in a posh estate, with the snap of a finger.

A glimpse into one of Sonal´s closets

She´s definitely got taste.

My oh my!

Yet another of Sonal Maherali´s closets

Neatly packaged and arranged with delicate precision could fool one for a luxury store in the West when it comes to her closet.

What any other person would slide into for a posh invite, Sonal rather just put it on to relax at home.

Lavish lifestyle, luxurious closet and first impression body physique, what else would one ask for?

Every time Sonal is out on a tour, she comes back with a souvenir, for the sole purpose of memory.

Elegance, taste and grandeur is what luxury blogger, Sonal Maherali exudes.

I proceed no further.




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  2. Yeah now this the kind of role model we need clearly you don’t need plastics surgery and bleach and be half naked sleeping around without every dude that his last name has a coin on it or famous to rich and popular girl just use ur brains it’s given to you by God for free🤨

  3. James Mogunde : May 24, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    Ghai!! All that just for handbag…please i need an help…just even half of what u just bought your bag will change my life…U will be happy too to tel people u once helped a black young man like me

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