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“He doesn’t have a birth certificate” Bahati forced to explain why he took son to cheap school 

September 20, 2019 at 09:24
"He doesn't have a birth certificate" Bahati forced to explain why he took son to cheap school 

Gospel singer Bahati has finally addressed rumors that he doesn’t care much about his adopted son Morgan.

This comes after Kenyans attacked him for taking the son to a cheap school while he has the ability to pay for a nice one.

During an interview with NTV, the singer said all these were untrue and assured his fans that his decision was actually in Morgan’s best interest.

“I took Morgan in six years ago and he is my favourite child. I love him so much. Among all my kids he is my favourite,” Bahati said. 

Bahati and his son, Morgan

He added that Morgan also doesn’t have all the required documents a reason why he has been in that fixed position.

“Morgan does not have a birth certificate and for most schools such a paper is a requirement. So what am I to do if the school he is in is the one that agreed to take him without the papers?” Bahati said. 




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