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“He got electrocuted and now can’t move his body!” Mishi Dora laughs off at Kakamega MCA who tried to kill her

September 20, 2019 at 11:02
“He got electrocuted and now can’t move his body!” Mishi Dora laughs off at Kakamega MCA who tried to kill her

A while back Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora exposed MCA, Libinus Oduor Juma as the man who tried to kill her back in 2014 over Ksh 5000.

The guy who is the MCA for Mayoni ward in Kakamega County apparently ran over Mishi with his car without caring whether she would survive or not.

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The socialite narrated the story on her Instagram saying;

Mishi in hospital

“My name is Mishi Dorah as you all know me… and I’m one hell of a strong woman… I’m not voiceless and I’m a fighter… this has been my journey since 2014…. I’ve tried getting this off my head for the longest time… but I keep having flashbacks and nightmares of what was done to me on that day… this man was out here to kill me… he shot at me… ran me over by a car and drove off leaving me for dead…with multiple pelvic bone fractures ..Torn ligament and a broken left hip bone….tried killing me again at the hospital and I ended up in an ICU…been to court since December 2014… but until now no justice has been served… in 2015… He approached me with a bribe of Sh.500,000 so we can settle the matter out of court… which I turned down and even had to relocate coz my life and my baby’s was at risk…those that know me know the scars I have all over my body”

Justice served?

Anyway earlier this morning Mishi Dora shared a new post thanking her God for enabling her to get the justice she deserved.

MCA, Libinus Oduor Juma Paralyzed

Well, call it karma or whatever but the same MCA who tried to kill Mishi back in 2014 was recently electrocuted and is now paralyzed.

The excited actress went on to share the news on her Instagram page where she wrote saying;

MCA, Libinus Oduor Juma

Karma is the most patient gangster ever😂😂😂😂.. fam please fight your battles on your knees and leave the rest to God… This is the same guy that shot at me with his gun and run me over with his car and left me for the dead… I was on a wheelchair for like a year … Got crippled and have scars that hasn’t gone away to-date… Some are even covered in tattoos… Sometime back I cried for justice coz he bought his freedom and my case died like that before the magistrates…. Today he is PARALYSED…. He got electrocuted and now can’t move his body… God I thank you… JUSTICE CAN BE DELAYED BUT CANNOT BE DENIED…. Have a good weekend sweethearts 💝






  1. Karma is always a bitch….

  2. So I will tell you folks a story. There is friend of mine who used to work at the airport and there is a way he used to sneak somalis past visa check into the flights though the israeli company he was working for and they would get to Europe and confiscate their passports then seek asylum…. (I dont know the clear details) What I know is he made tons of money and sooner this thing blew up as the other airports needed to know which folks were letting them pass through Kenyan airports and the guy had to flee after the police was on his heels.

    So loaded the guy move to Kisumu to hepa the long arm of the law. Kufika huko he pimped his house and bought a new vitz akaifungia sound. Sooner he was eating this Mishi Dora chic and she moved in his apartment. After a few months they blew up 3/4 of the cheese and when the guy aliona dem anampeleka hasara na hio lifestyle akamwambia ahame. Dora,…. being clever stole all the reciepts za electronics akaenda akatengeneza zake fake and came with cops….. you know what happened. Alienda na appliances na electronics worth 350K. The guy almost lost it and called me asking if I knew someone who could sell him a gun. I talked him out of it and I assumed he calmed down then I later heard from another friend that the guy managed to buy a gun and was planning to go back and shoot the bitch.

    A few days before he left, social media was buzzing with Dora being run over by a car by some MCA and I called up the guy and told him atulie… Karma had done its job and he could relax now as the chic was kinda paralyzed.

    Now nikiona this lady asking for help just amazes me sana…… its a small strange world. ACTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES AMEZOA KUKULA YA BURE AND SHES STILL ASKING FOR FREE HELP!

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