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“He is very industrious and creative” Kamene and Kibe praise Xtian Dela and fire back at Eric Omondi

September 11, 2019 at 10:35
"He is very industrious and creative" Kamene and Kibe praise Xtian Dela and fire back at Eric Omondi

Chipukeezy and Kartelo’s exit and mistreatment at Ebru TV caused uproar from Kenyans who believed Ebru had no grounds whatsoever to discharge them in such cruel manner.

Ebru TV got a fair share of accusations among them, being the kind of mainstream media that fails to accord artistes their due respect.

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Hey Guys… A quick one. So I received an email from Ebru TV asking me to terminate my agreement and Collaboration with Kartelo on my show. They say they are a bit concerned that the show has become a bit Ghetto because of the many Youths (Upcoming Musicians and Comedians) on the show. They requested that we try and change the format a little bit. Maybe interview more politicians and afew Corporate Executives. For as much as I respect their request or rather decision, I would like to categorically state that I feel my calling and mission could just be the exact opposite. My Passion, Desire and Vision is to LIFT the Youth of this Country. I feel like God has offered me an opportunity to create a platform for these Young people who are mostly from the slams and majorly disadvantaged. Our politicians are good, they are more than good. Our Executives are actually living their dreams. On the other hand I feel like most talented youths are without hope and opportunity and unless someone holds their hands their Future is mostly uncertain. I am not willing or planning under any circumstances to stop supporting Kartelo and any other young person in this industry and since Ebru seems to have made up their minds on Terminating Kartelo appearance on my show I am sadly left with no option but to terminate my Contract as well. The Chipukeezy show will however continue with Kartelo and many more on a different platform. I want to say a Big thank you to Ebru TV for the far they supported me and an even BIGGER thank you to supporters of Chipukeezy show. GOD BLESS🙏

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Eric Omondi weighing in on the matter, termed ‘traditional media’ as overtaken by events. Therefore the high time the world fully embraced digital platforms for communication and opportunities.

However, KISS 100’s new duo faces, Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe strongly disagree with the President of Comedy.

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Venye amenibeba……… Tunga sentensi…..

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Speaking to Mpasho, Kamene revealed:

Currently, 90 percent of Kenyans own a radio. I mean, the entire population have radios. Not smart phones. Or Internet. Not even You Tube.

As Kibe lightly expressed:

Inategemea na content yako katika hizo social media.

Because according to Andrew Kibe, a good example is their very own KISS 100 producer, Xtian Dela who is thriving both on social media and the radio industry without much effort.

Xtian Dela is very creative. His creativity makes him survive in the market without radio. He was one of the most influential personalities on Twitter 2017. He has a big  name na he performs well.

As Kamene quickly chipped in:

He is a hardworking man, Very industrious.




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