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“He obtained 200K from me through false pretense” Man narrates how Bahati conned him and used ‘connections’ to evade arrest

October 30, 2017 at 12:34
"He obtained 200K from me through false pretense" Man narrates how Bahati conned him and used 'connections' to evade arrest

Gospel singer Bahati has been exposed as a con by a certain Thuranira Kathiai. The complainant says Bahati swindled Kes 200,000 from him.

Thuranira Kathiai put a notice on Facebook saying Bahati was a fraudster. The plaintiff says he reported the matter to Karuri Police Station on Friday October 27th.


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“Morning friends…the person appearing in this Picture he is a gospel singer and known to many people..BAHATI KEVIN KIOKO.
But the said person Obtained 200K from me through FALSE Pretence almost 2 months ago in terms of the business partners..I reported the Matter at Karuri Police Station yesterday OB16/27/10/2017 in Kiambu County.. The said BAHATI was arrested this Morning at his home in JOKAKIS APARTMENT LIMURU ROAD in RUAKA..” Wrote Thuranira Kathiai in part.

Bahati and Thuranira Kathia

A call from ‘above’

Kathiai says that the investigating officer received a call from their superior to release Bahati. Apparently Bahati is colluding with senior police officers to block justice.

“On the arrival at Police the Investigating Officer IO received a call from his boss OCPD Karuri Police Station to release him BAHATI with immediate effect insisting an ORDER from the County Commander..he was released and it was booked his release OB10/28/10/2017…he was instructed to come back tomorrow on Sunday at Karuri Police at 2:00pm,” wrote Thuranira Kathiai.

The plaintiff further explains that he reported the matter to the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) after he was denied justice by the police.

“Since that he using Senior Officer’s in the Government to block Justice..I want to State it clear that BAHATI should know he is not above the law and no one is above the law.
Have instructed my lawyer to address the Matter through IPOA and to the intelligence that somebody somewhere is blocking his Juniors to carry out investigations independently..I can tell BAHATI he has not escaped the law,he has Just postponed the Arrest..the full hand of the law will deal with him and all those Seniors very Soon.!!
This is a CRIMINAL Case and INVESTIGATIONS should be concluded as soon as possible.!!!”






  1. Bahati pay this money before all goes down on your career

  2. Dawa ya deni ni kulipa,this is so sad

  3. Esther Shivati : October 30, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    What is wrong with this gospel artists though?

  4. Xavier Mwangi : October 30, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Bahati ungesema you will pay after the elections

  5. Hakuna pesa boss,where do u get 200k from?

  6. Bahati ungetupea paybill no.tuchange. sasa ona

  7. Haka kajamaa kalikataa kunilipa after ku organize dancers kwa ile song ya “lover” ni kamsee kajinga sana

  8. Lipa deni aki I thought u saved

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