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“He took me to a cheap kibandaski to have ugali,” how Chiki Kuruka and Bien’s first lunch date nearly ruined their love story (Video)

September 07, 2020 at 10:57
"He took me to a cheap kibandaski to have ugali," how Chiki Kuruka and Bien's first lunch date nearly ruined their love story (Video)

Bien Aime and Chiki Kuruka met in one of the most awkward of ways, complete strangers turned lovebirds.

It so happens that Chiki came to Kenya almost by default after her Nigerian friends moved into Kenya and she had to tag along. Born and a bit bred in East London, UK, to a Lawyer mom and a Journalist dad.

Vybez radio presenter and Bien’s wife, Chiki Kuruka

Telling her story on Sol Generation TV, the dance choreographer had gone with her close pal, Emmanuel Jambo, for an event where Sauti Sol were present. Emmanuel and Bien were buddies and on spotting Chiki, Bien remarked “You’ve got a gorgeous girlfriend.”

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Hardly did he know they were but buddies. So at one point, Bien and Chiki shared a table, started chatting and Bien was like “doesn’t your boyfriend (Emmanuel) get angry when you do this?”

Chiki Kuruka with Bien (in glasses) and pals

The love at first sight

Shocked by the question, Chiki denied she was an item with Emmanuel. So the night turned into tell-tale evening and Chiki’s high IQ is what got Bien smitten.

That time, I wasn’t looking for love in her. But in her, I felt like I was drinking a fresh glass of juice talking to her.

Lovebirds, Chiki Kuruka and Bien

Chiki however, was nothing about love with Bien. Because ‘love at first sight’ wasn’t her kind of vibe. It all started with the hookup, then numbers exchanged and next day, Bien wanted to take out Chiki for a meal.

Being the luhya he is, they went to a kibandaski (Mama Oliech) and he ordered ugali with fish but that was a total turn off for a dear Chiki.

“At the end of the day, we were like “we’re not letting each other go.” Our lips eventually met and yes…” added Bien.

Married couple, Bien Aime and Chiki Kuruka

Chiki later moved into Bien’s place where they kept their relationship under wraps for an year before going public. Their mutual love for dancing and flexing had turned them into a perfect couple.

“Bien is the male version of Chiki and she is the female version of him. It’s like they are the same person,” revealed Chiki’s close friend.

Surprisingly, the two had never told each other ‘I Love You’ and what nots. In fact, Bien would get mad when he would crack a joke and Chiki didn’t laugh but it was all because of their culture differences.

Bien Aime with wife, Chiki Kuruka

It so happened that one day Savara visited Bien and he complained “mahn, this chick (Chiki) never laughs at my jokes.”

“How can two people so in love, not laugh at each other’s jokes,” commented Savara.

And that is how the two became known lovers. Have a listen;




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