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“He would disappear coz of mihadarati” Fred Omondi emotionally reminisces late brother

September 12, 2019 at 10:40
"He would disappear coz of mihadarati" Fred Omondi emotionally reminisces late brother

Eric and Fred Omondi have a brother that masses were never acquainted to. Unfortunately, we are talking of their late brother.

It happens that the 2 Kenyan comedy acts had a brother who passed on within hours of being discovered alive but heavily addicted.

Kenyan comedy acts-cum-brothers, Fred (left) and Eric Omondi (right)

During an interview on Tuesday the 10th of September, Fred opened up:

The last time Eric saw him was two years before he died, and was called to a lodging where our brother had OD’d, and sadly died in the room in that lodging.

His family was tipped off about his location in downtown and Eric asked the person on the other end to ensure his brother did not leave and was at his best comfort.

Fred adds:

The same night is when he died when Eric was going to pick him up to take him to hospital. After confirming and leaving to make hospital arrangements, he found him dead.

Unfortunately, the family’s efforts to help him out of his addiction, proved futile because he kept running away.

Fred recalls:

It’s been 1 year since his death, we went through a lot, this is somebody we didn’t spend time growing up with, he would disappear coz of mihadarati, so from high school he would disappear, and my dad being a policeman would look for him and find him, and he would disappear again, and we would miss him. It affected Eric and my sister a lot.

Comedian Fred Omondi

Their brother passed on in 2018 and in his memory a year later, Fred reminisces his death.

It’s a good lesson. I am a witness that if you have the chance to stop this kind of life, stop it….




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