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“He’ll be back soonest and stronger,” Chipukeezy’s younger brother speaks after comedian is hospitalized

October 28, 2020 at 18:30
"He'll be back soonest and stronger," Chipukeezy's younger brother speaks after comedian is hospitalized

Chipukeezy who is well known comedian cum director at NACADA was hospitalized a few days ago; however details about his illness remains only known to those close to him.

Since 20th October the comedian has however not shared anything on his social media pages leaving most of his fans asking whether everything is fine.

With this, his brother has been forced to share a short update on his brothers health to avoid fans from crowding in his DM asking about the guy’s whereabouts. Through his instagram page the young brother identified as Duke Mike wrote;

Chipukeezy with small brother

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We greatly appreciate for your concerns in regards to my brother’s condition. Thank you for your prayers and messages. I am glad to inform you he’s doing well and he’s currently recuperating at home and he’ll be back soonest and stronger

Chipukeezy’s health

Just a few days ago, the popular comedian went on to announce that he had been admitted at the Coptic hospital; however he did not mention what could be the problem.

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Before this, Chipukeezy had been in Mombasa where he met up with Governor Joho for an upcoming project; aimed at inspiring and helping the youth.

Looking at his comedy career, it appears that Chipukeezy has taken a long break as he concentrates on his NACADA job that seems to have changed his life overnight. Anyway, let us not be quick to judging him since he can always make a come back!




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