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Here is the list of Kenya´s music industry´s bigwigs who attended Mr Seed´s ¨Made In Huruma¨ Successful concert

April 18, 2019 at 14:28
Here is the list of Kenya´s music industry´s bigwigs who attended Mr Seed´s ¨Made In Huruma¨ Successful concert

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The well received ¨Made In Huruma¨ concert, that went down in Huruma Primary School, in Huruma estate saw nothing but a successful artist, humbled by the massive unexpected turnout and attendance of the industry´s bigwigs.

Let us first do some background checks of the event´s preliminary activities:

Background checks

So this is how it all started:

The turnout alone, during the event´s promotion might have already hinted on the concert´s success but maybe that wasn´t such a guarantee at the time.

The ground was getting set:

A quick reminder to those whose busy schedules might have let the event skip their minds:

Then a FREE entry for ALL!!!

The D-day

The location was given, ground set, audiences informed and the concert was FREE!!!

So, onto the D-day, to determine it´s level of success or failure:

Dawmn!!! The masses were just overwhelming for the gospel star whose recent past months weren´t such a reflection of mass numbers.

The audience was just to receptive for the FREE gospel concert, Mr Seed, could not thank the fans and God enough for carrying the day, savoring the moment of his lifetime and showing him so much Love.

On and on, post after another, his gratitude could be seen effortlessly.

Now let´s move on to the bigwigs present at the much successful event.

Bigwigs present

  1. Size 8 reborn

Let´s start with adorable princess Ladasha´s mother, Size 8 reborn, whose live performance was as stunning as her beauty:

2. Willy Poze

Onto the next one, Willy Paul, who´s recent controversial music line might have not made him as receptive, but Oh Well! We didn´t see this coming:

Yes, the sensual artist did punch in his controversial love songs and Yeah, the audience sang it all.

3. Timeless Noel

Onto Odi Dance star, Timeless Noel, whose name alone, just jeered the audience spot on!

Now onto the obvious popular youthful Odi Dance:

4. Moji Short Babaa

Who else if not the short, Moji Short Baba, whose presence actually just barred the DJ´s mixes.

His part of the concert might have been the longest and most interactive of all.

For one he is celebrated in the gospel music industry for his exceptional punch lines, dance styles and inspiring messages.

Sawa sawa. Big up to Moji Short Baba!

5. DJ Mo

Celebrated gospel Kenyan DJ, baba Wambo aka DJ Mo was the one manipulating the decks, whose entrance alone, was done in style:

6. Masterpiece

Fast-rising youthful gospel artist, Masterpiece made a striking performance with Chini ya Mwamba, award-winning, Kofi Yoo and more:

7. David Wonder

Just like the host, Mr Seed, fellow gospel artist, David Wonder also dumped Bahati´s EMB as his record label.

However, this did not bar his success in the competitive Gospel industry that saw the audience´s reception to his major jams like: Ndogo Ndogo baffle him.

That might be it for those in attendance, however, the emotional bit of the concert was unleashed after Mr Seed broke to tears.

The emotions

The ¨Made In Huruma¨ concert host, Mr Seed was too overwhelmed by the show that saw him break down to tears in the arms of his mother, who did comfort him and came out proud of her son.

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My love

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Now, that´s how the successful yet emotional gospel concert went down.

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