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Take Notes! Dr. Ofweneke Gives The Dos And Dont’s When Someone Takes You Out For Dinner

April 07, 2021 at 14:26
Take Notes! Dr. Ofweneke Gives The Dos And Dont's When Someone Takes You Out For Dinner

It’s only ethical to avoid doing things that might bring shame to both you and your partner while in public. When you go out on a date, a few things like the man pulling a chair for her lady may be a sign of a true gentleman. Additionally, letting the one who pays for the meal to order their food first is an ethical plus.

Kenyan comedian and radio presenter Dr. Ofweneke has put across the courtesies that one needs to consider when they’re taken out for dinner. The funny man posted on his Instagram; saying it’s ethical to order food which is less expensive than that of the person paying for the meal. He also added that they should be the ones to order first.

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Dr. Ofweneke wrote,

”If I don’t tell you, your friends fear to tell you… If somebody offers to take you out for dinner or supper please, rule number 1. Wait for the person paying for the food to order first. Number 2, don’t order anything that is expensive than the person who is paying for the bill. It’s only courtesy. If the one paying the bill and I order water, please, the most you can order is toothpick…”

I agree with Ofweneke. This is actually one of the ethics people don’t talk about often. I hope it goes to a good number of people.





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