“He’s a sadistic goat” Barbara Chepkoech goes HAM on Cyprian Nyakundi after he trolled Catherine Kamau

December 07, 2017 at 09:56
"He's a sadistic goat" Barbara Chepkoech goes HAM on Cyprian Nyakundi after he trolled Catherine Kamau

Cyprian Nyakundi will one day be shot by ladies if he continues with his attacks. Barbara Chepkoech was quick to defend Catherine Kamau when Nyakundi took a swipe at her.

Catherine Kamau tore into ladies and men criticizing single mothers. The 30-year-old actress says men who sire kid they don’t take care of and ladies who abort their pregnancies are useless.

Catherine’s post attracted the attention of Cyprian Nyakundi. The blogger hit back at her saying that she is the poster-child of single mother cottage industry.

“Instagram was awash a few weeks ago with photos of Cate Actress getting married to some pu**y-whipped nigger. He was hailed as “bold” for overlooking the fact that she’s a single mum, and in-return, he financed a grand wedding for the who’s who, (although I didn’t see our usual Twitter A clique).

Catherine Kamau and her husband Phil Karanja during their wedding

“Cate Actress is a textbook example of what sociologists call Proactive Infidelity. She’d knocked it out with the Bad Boy (abusive, cheater) who was a “challenge” and got her excited. Now that the Bad Boy has proven himself unreliable in sharing parental investment responsibilities, the guy she “trapped” in marriage MUST assume the Bad Boy’s responsibilities and liabilities

“Cate Actress talks, acts like she “don’t need a man”, but (also) she needs a Man. The real tragedy is the desperation apparent in the false pride. The truth is she needs a Man, her child need a Man, in spite of the pretentiousness fem-centrism has conditioned into her. But her decisions have left that Daddy position open to the lowest bidder,” Cyprian Nyakundi wrote in part.

Cyprian Nyakundi is a sadistic goat

Barbara Chepkoech with her children

Barbara Chepkoech says Cyprian Nyakundi is full of bile for no apparent reason. The US-based Kenyan actress affirms that she is a proud single mother contrary to what Cyprian Nyakundi thinks of single mothers.

“Well after seeing this Nyakundi blah blah I checked out his page the Dude is a sadistic goat ?!!! Reading this article am like hahahaha so single mums we are not supposed to hope for love or even get married lol ? Ngai the way I am a walking society and proud of it???????? #mamawadodo #singlemotherof3,” wrote Barbara Chepkoech.



  1. Cyprian for president : December 7, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    hehe..Cyprian ndo dawa yao!calls a spade a spade and not a big a spoon…

  2. Sophia single mum : December 7, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    May be he has sired hundreds but he sees a spark on one’s eye feeling not a log in his own eyes. A professional fool.

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