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Hiki kischana ni kibaya sana! Shiru of ‘Auntie Boss’ shares ugly encounter with pissed fan 

October 25, 2018 at 08:45
Hiki kischana ni kibaya sana! Shiru of 'Auntie Boss' shares ugly encounter with pissed fan 

Comedian Nyce Wanjeri, popularly known to many Kenyans as ‘Shiru’ from the comedy series Auntie Boss might be loved by many but not all.

The comedian recently opened up about an ugly encounter with a fan who wasn’t pleased at all to meet her.

Speaking to Showmax, Nyce narrated how she met the couple, the wife was very excited to meet her while the man was not, a thing that almost erupted into an argument.

“I met a fan, and the wife was so excited like, ‘oh my God ndio haka kale kasichana (this is that lady), you make us happy. Our kids love you’.” she said.


She went on to add that the man was not pleased to met her which annoyed the wife. And when Wanjeri tried to stretch her hand to greet him, he brushed off her hand.

“He kinda reacted differently,” Wanjeri recalled. “He didn’t even say hi to me. The wife was like, ‘ni nini (what is the problem).”

The hubby replied:

“Hiki kischana ni kibaya sana, hafanyangi kazi na unaniambia nimsalimie. Toka hapa! (This lady is not good, she hardly does any work and you’re asking me to greet her, get out of here).” 





  1. Nothing was the matter really only that the mzee was acting and Shiro was not “KAA RADAed!”

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