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Hilarious photos from the #TheEyeWitnessChallenge

November 08, 2017 at 15:28
Hilarious photos from the #TheEyeWitnessChallenge

Kenyans on social media have found something new to do with their time. After photos of the eye witness believed to have had a hand in the death of the Late Nyeri governor emerged. Kenyans on social media have now decided to post photos rocking his signature glasses and of course they all nailed it.

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Dennis Muigai Ngengi has now earned himself the name of The angel of death as he seems to appear just when there is an accident.


Anyway the photos shared by the Kenyans on social media are hilarious and are another reminder as to how creative they can get.


Below are just a few of the photos making rounds on the internet trolling the Angel of Death.






  1. This chapati guy has won it

  2. This is funny now

  3. Kenyans have so much time

  4. This gone overboard

  5. Hehehe this now crazy

  6. Kenyans,kenyans ?????????

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