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Hio Gari Ni Ya Ku Hire! Here’s Why Netizens Doubt Diana Marua’s Mercedes Benz Gift To Bahati

February 17, 2021 at 15:11
Hio Gari Ni Ya Ku Hire! Here's Why Netizens Doubt Diana Marua's Mercedes Benz Gift To Bahati

After the conclusion of the 14 days of love by Bahati and his lover Diana Marua, netizens couldn’t keep calm about the expensive gift that Diana presented to her hubby. The brand new Mercedes Benz car was gifted to Bahati earlier this week.

After posting the luxurious gift on her Gram, most netizens had mixed reactions, others believed that it was either hired or borrowed. Diana has posted a video of Spm Buzz, where Butita and his counterparts were questioning the source of Diana’s wealth.

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”Mimi kama ingekuwa Demio ningekubali, lakini Benz… Udosi imetoka wapi? Tangu lini? Net worth ni gani? Tuambiwe net worth sai.”

With Butita on her side, Diana silenced her haters by commenting,

It’s Amazing how people are shocked at what God can do in your life. I know I was a nobody at some point in Life but I’ve never limited my God to what He can do in my Life. See His Grace.

My Dear Women, don’t allow anyone to look down on you. Work hard in silence and let your results scream in PUBLIC. You gotta do it Big and Let them wonder how you did it, watch how they’re struggling to figure it out then have the last laugh.

A time like this next year, I’ll be opening the doors to my dream house and probably parking my latest Range Rover, then host Y’all so you can be encouraged and know that God can do it for you too.

Anyone who wants to take a ScreenShot of this for future reference??? Go ahead…”

Do you believe Diana truly bought her husband the Mercedes Benz or was it just a hoax?




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