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This is the home former Ebru TV news anchor run away from after her MP husband beat her up (Photo)

February 27, 2018 at 09:34
Doreen Gatwiri

Doreen Gatwiri announced her exit from Ebru TV late last year as she was now focusing on settling down with her Mwingi central Member of Parliament, Gideon Mulungyi.

Her resignation came at a time when very few were expecting it. This is because her name was now starting to get more popular, joining the league of Lilian Muli and Betty Kyallo.

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Her marriage

Well even after making the major sacrifice, her marriage has not been a walk in the park as revealed by her tweets.

She says that her husband has been physically abusing her for sometime now; but after the latest incident she fled from their Karen home.

Going through her photos, well its clear that the lady was living a comfortable life but unfortunately not a happy one.

Doreen Gatwiri home

Through her twitter page she revealed that she is hiding somewhere in Kileleshwa after her husband threatened her.

It’s not clear whether she will be going back to her home but chances are very slim especially now that she has exposed him.





  1. He should be arrested

  2. The guy looks like a bully

  3. This is a criminal offense why is he even a free man?

  4. No action will be taken, this is Kenya my friends

  5. People might be interested to know, if at all, the reasons behind the constant beatings. Is the writer insinuating that running away from such a fine-looking home is not cool at all? Kind of ‘si angevumilia tu, ama?’

  6. Heri ulie kwenye range rover ama ucheke kwenye boda boda.At least una akili ya kumake the right choice.Hata nyumba iwe nzuri aje,kama haina peace ni bure

  7. i know how that lady feels because am in such a marriage.Please give me the courage to quit.

  8. SMH but why do you keep running to these mps and rich violent people? A never ending story.

  9. Nicholas mutisya : March 1, 2018 at 5:52 pm

    Young girl: You have a choice to either save your life or marriage which ever is important to you now but remember your life is of priority. You can go into series of marriages before you meet the right man! Well money,riches and cars all go.
    Think right and objectively act.
    This man is a bully. He is my Mp.

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