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“Hope she grows up to be nothing like you” Fan goes ham on Mishi Dora after sharing her daughter’s photo on social media

November 01, 2017 at 14:35
Mishi Dorah

Mishi Dorah seems to be attracting negative energy on her social media even when she wants to be good. Most of her followers who keep up with Nairobi Diaries often leave comments on her photos but this time around one of her fans seemed to have crossed the boundaries after leaving a comment that angered Dora.

This is after the lady shared a photo of her daughter dressed up in her graduation attire and just like any mother, the lady wanted to celebrate her baby just to prove haters wrong especially those who think she is a bad mother. Mishi Dora captioned the photo saying:

Mishi's daughter graduates

Mishi’s daughter graduates

To say that I’m proud of you is understatement…. thank you for choosing me to be your mum… I thank God for you each and everyday of my life… you make me grind hard and go Against all odds just to make you happy my babies…you my only reason of living this life… congrats on your graduation and coming first in your class… I literally live for you my babies…. I keep on praying And asking God to protect you for me …. Mum I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and the babies… you such an incredible woman with such a beautiful and golden heart that I’ve never seen anywhere and I know I’ll never come across even in my next life…your reward is just in heaven… you took care and me and made me who iam today… I know thank you is not enough.. to-date, I owe you my life…but all I can say from the deepest part of my heart is a very big thank you… bless you mama… #proudmother

However, one fan who seems not to agree with Mishi Dorah’s character commented under the photo saying that she was hoping the young girl would not grow up to be like the mother whose behavior is not fit for any normal mother.

Mishi Dora on the other hand went on to engage with the fan saying:






  1. People shud let child live their lives

  2. I dont think this is right

  3. How many people love this girl? Mishi needs to change

  4. The kid is innocent though

  5. Caroline Mutiso : November 1, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    But why are people like this?

  6. Thank God this kids dont live with you Mishi Dora,Im a mum too never in my life seen a shit mum like you,You are dying of fame..a bad model mum for new mums..

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