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“Hope i won’t chase after you when the baby comes” Akothee hints baby number 6 is loading

January 26, 2018 at 13:25
"Hope i won't chase after you when the baby comes" Akothee hints baby number 6 is loading

Akothee has already envisioned herself getting pregnant for Nelly Oaks, or is she already pregnant! The mother of five warns her sweetheart to man up when the baby comes.

Akothee is going through trying times with one of her baby daddies. Ojwang’s father wants fully custody of his son because Akothee is dating another man.

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The baby daddy argues that his son can’t live in the same house with Akothee’s lover. He slapped Akothee with a lawsuit with the intention at depriving her of her parental rights.

Lawyers never spread the bed for us!

Akothee warns Nelly Oaks he should face her in the event that he decides to demand custody of their child. (In the event that they get a child together in future.)

The singer’s warning to Nelly Oaks is in connection with the drama she is facing with her baby daddy. Ojwang’s father is afraid to appear in person to meet Akothee instead he is only sending his lawyers to do the dirty work.

“Baby! now you are chasing me alone ??when the baby comes I hope you will still have the same energy to chase us while laughing the way we are now & not me chasing you while crying ????, and when you decide to take me to court make sure you appear in person don’t disappear like so and so ??, lawyers never spread the bed for us! Face me #sibuormadhako ??? oyaa see my life ??No one has ever graduated in a relationship , so just enjoy the momen,” Akothee warned Nelly Oaks.






  1. Beatrice Mukami : January 26, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    She is pregnant already?

  2. So the manager has been managing the servers as well?

  3. Hope they will a nice couple afterwards

  4. This lady is just too much

  5. The guy finally got to eat the cherry

  6. ????????

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