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Hot Akorino model flaunts arches of skin with tiny bikini (Videos)

September 21, 2021 at 16:19
Hot Akorino model flaunts arches of skin with tiny bikini (Videos)

Carey Priscilla is among the new age Youtubers c*m model who have been giving their fans a reason to talk and now I know why.

First of all before we begin; I want to believe that we all know that the Akorino religion does not allow their women to underdress nor show their hair, right? But when it comes down to one, Carey Priscilla – let’s just say she refused to let her religion and beliefs limit her potential.

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Model Priscilla Carey

Well, to start with she got a baby with just another guy who doesn’t practice; or rather is not part of the Akorino religion which is popular among the Kikuyu community.

And as y’all already know, they have a conservative way of dressing not forgetting their unique way of worship.

Model Carey Priscilla Yolo’ing

However looking at Priscilla (not that I am judging) but this lady is definitely doing things her way and not sticking to what she may have been taught back at Sunday school.

Well, this is because she slays in long outfits and her makeup game is just on another level. Before I forget, Priscilla also seems to have good taste in home decors; hence her post home.

With her modernizing everything around her – seems like the only thing remaining is for her to step out in a bikini; which she did!

Yasss, Yasss the model finally unveiled what she keeps hidden in her long skirts; and boy does she have a gorgeous figure! The lady unveiled her figure in a new post shared on her page; where she is seen parading arches of skin leaving fans wild imaginations.

However I couldn’t help but notice how her head stayed covered the whole time. But her body, her body left many salivating online.




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